3 pieces of jacket with a lookbook inspiration for this summer

Posted by Oasis Jackets : Published on 12/05/2017

Summer can be arguably the toughest time of year to dress with great confidence. It is the time when you feel like ripping the clothes apart (thanks to the ever rising mercury). But there is a clothing decorum that we are expected to follow. You can’t leave the house under more…


Jackets Market in summer 2017

Posted by Oasis Jackets : Published on 08/05/2017

To no one’s surprise, the market of jacket always take a big hit in summer. So expectation this season, among the retailers and wholesalers, is same as any years’— the demand for jackets will take a backseat in the clothing market, lurking at the bottom. However, in recent times, few more…


Jackets in summer- A new trend taking over the fashion scene this season

Posted by Oasis Jackets : Published on 05/05/2017

The list of unlikely fashion trends keeps on piling. The new saga that has everyone go gaga is jackets in summer. Not long ago, wearing jackets on hot days would have won you many giggles and sighs on the street from the onlookers. “What were you thinking?” However, things have more…


3 occasions where letterman jackets are a hit

Posted by Oasis Jackets : Published on 28/04/2017

Letterman jackets or more commonly recognised as varsity jackets have been around the fashion circuit for quite sometime now. Though they were introduced as sportswear which reflected the achievements of the players in schools and colleges, there immense versatility did not go unrecognised. They were soon accepted as a staple more…


4 fashion police approved ways to dress a bomber jacket!

Posted by Oasis Jackets : Published on 22/04/2017

Introduced during the early 1900s as a variation to another timeless piece of fashion, leather jackets, bombers have become a staple ever since. Originally used as a military outerwear, their potentiality did not go unrecognised as enthusiasts soon incorporated them into the elite fashion lists. They were popular during those more…


4 style trends from the 80s that we are totally borrowing this year

Posted by Oasis Jackets : Published on 17/04/2017

Simpler times called for simple clothing! Well, the 80s proved it wrong. Gifting us with numerous fashion pieces for which we all will be forever indebted to them. Fashion was bold and beautiful (well not all of them though!). From denim jackets to leather jackets, miniskirts to slogan t-shirts, some more…


Leather jacket is a thing for summers: 4 outfit ideas to prove so!

Posted by Oasis Jackets : Published on 12/04/2017

Once upon a time, leather jackets were a fashion piece whose use was limited to the colder months of the year. But then some enthusiasts realised that it was an injustice to them, limiting their use, hence tweaked them in such a way that they could be used throughout the more…


Make a jean jacket your bestie this summer (4 style tips to do so)

Posted by Oasis Jackets : Published on 03/04/2017

While we have seen denim jackets make a stellar comeback a few seasons back, there is no reason to not include them in our summer staples. It comes as no surprise, but jean jackets are stylish and comfortable, and we cant let go of one opportunity to incorporate them in more…


One varsity jacket and three stylish ways to wear it!

Posted by Oasis Jackets : Published on 29/03/2017

Last year, we saw the return of some classic fashion pieces. From the good old leather jackets to the omnipresent trench coats, varsity jackets too found a way back to the wardrobe, only to become staples. Again! Other than the fact that they are ubiquitous and cool, it is actually more…


Style Your Favourite Customized Jackets For This Summer (5 Tips)

Posted by Oasis Jackets : Published on 22/03/2017

Jackets are no longer a clothing item of the winters. Their versatility has been recognised and thus certain tweaks were made to their principal design, making them perfect for all seasons. As the saying goes, Dress for the weather not for the season, you can now use them for all more…


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