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3 Celebrities Who Make Windbreaker Jackets Look Uber-Cool

If there was one thing that we knew about windbreaker jackets, it is this. A windbreaker jacket might not be the most stylish jacket in town but it sure is like your old friend who is always there to comfort you when the need arises. The second part still holds! However, several celebrities have proven the first part wrong. How? Well, by donning their windbreakers and rocking them in new and stylish ways and proving to us all that the jacket is not only functional but uber-cool too! So, read on to know all about the looks of our three favorite celebrities who have rocked the windbreaker jacket like a pro and inspired us to do so too.

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Read this to know the three celebrities that make the windbreaker jacket look incredibly stylish and uber-cool.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi has recently been in the news for a supposed rumor that she is dating Hollywood star, Leonardo DiCaprio. Although we cannot tell you what she is up to in her love life at the moment, we can always tell you how she donned her windbreaker.

In a classic Gigi-way, she always looks stylish yet chic and, on this occasion, she was papped wearing a red windbreaker jacket over a pair of high-waisted plaid pants. She paired the look with shiny boots, tied a sweater around her neck and wore her go-to pair of sunglasses while looking stunning and giving us some major fashion goals.

Kaia Gerber

Daughter of the legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford, the beautiful model and actress Kaia Gerber was seen wearing her dual-tone windbreaker jacket with a turtleneck cardigan and a pair of straight jeans. She completed this stylish yet sporty look with a pair of white sneakers, a pair of glasses styled like a hairband and looked gorgeous as ever!


Rihanna made an electric blue windbreaker jacket look super stylish when she paired her miniskirt and stiletto look with it. She looked incredibly glam and added a fur stole in a striped monochrome pattern to her outfit that made her look even more high-street worthy.

Other stars that have also rocked their windbreaker jackets with panache include the reality-TV star Kim Kardashian, Venus Williams and the like. This jacket has also been a part of fashion weeks and invariably made several heads turn. So, if you were thinking if you can wear your windbreakers and still look trendy, let this piece be your guide!

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