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3 Pieces Of Jacket With a Lookbook Inspiration For This Summer

Summer can be arguably the toughest time of year to dress with great confidence. It is the time when you feel like ripping the clothes apart (thanks to the ever rising mercury). But there is a clothing decorum that we are expected to follow. You can’t leave the house under a sunlit road, only to meet thick grey clouds and drizzle by the time for lunch. And then coming back home to a tepid and humid night.

But we are lucky enough that there exists enthusiasts who have designed plenty of outerwear which are suitable for the hot days and hotter nights. The jackets, which will bring about an enthralling stability and consistency over the summer dressing ritual you have. Here is given a list of three jackets that will help you pull of a subtle statement.

The Bomber Jacket

Non-fussy, youthful and a classic, bomber jackets are the heritage jacket style that is a must for every man this summer. It is simple in its principal design, and hits all the right spots when worn with a pair of distressed jeans and simple t-shirt. The bomber has an extremely versatile silhouette and goes well with everything-from grunge to conventional. But to keep things cool in the summer, keep the approach minimalist and finish the above lookbook inspiration with a pair of loafers.

The Windbreaker

There is something about windbreakers that makes them stylish, so approachable. Though windbreakers are known to look simple and are constructed to protect the wearer from those unplanned drizzles, they look great when teamed with a formal shirt and a pair of trousers, finished with derby for footwear. Select earthly tones for a smart rendition and maintain a uniformity in the look to appear simple and effortless. Windbreaker jackets wholesale are available with a number of reputed manufacturers in a variety of shades and colors.

The Flannel Jacket

Another classic piece that screams for attention every time you put it on. That is the power of a flannel jacket. That is its glory. Constant innovations to its basic design has resulted in its all year acceptance, which has further inspired flannel jacket manufacturers to create masterpieces. From red to blue, black to yellow, flannel jackets come in all sorts of spectrum which add to their overall polished design. Furthermore, team them with a pair of chinos and t-shirt to walk out the house in style. And don’t forget to wear a smart pair of loafers to add to the classy conventionalism.

Thus, with the above lookbook inspiration, it will be easier for you to work well through the summer this year, at least in the clothing department. It is all about being unique and comfortable. Yes, comfort matters when it is almost 50 Celsius outside. So dress well, and dress smart. Prominent manufacturers have crafted a number of summer outerwear and wholesale tracksuits that can be purchased by retailers at discounted rates and in bulk.

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