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4 Different Types Of Wholesale Rain Jackets You Can Purchase For Your Retail Store!

Although it is an ultimate necessity for all of us to have at least one rain jacket in our wardrobe, at the same time choosing the right rain jacket is hard. There are different types of fabrics like nylon and polyester, breathable and non-breathable, water resistant or waterproof- confusing! Is not it? Well, here is the guide for you to find out the right wholesale rain jackets to upgrade your retail store. Here we have discussed about the different types of rain jackets you can find online to add to your retail store.

Waterproof Breathable Jackets:

When it comes to waterproof and water resistant, we become really confused as to what will be the best for us. Water-resistant is those fabrics which resist water from penetrating to a certain extent but waterproof offers complete protection from water by preventing the water from soaking into the fabric. Waterproof and breathable together implies that the fabrics will not allow water to come in but at the same time will let the sweat come on the surface of the fabric so that it evaporates quickly. So, this type of fabric is best when it is monsoon and the weather is humid.

Water Resistant Jackets:

Water resistant jackets are not as protective as water-proof and are perfect for light drizzles. Although it would not penetrate your skin, but if the rain is too heavy it is better to stick to waterproof than water-resistant. The windbreakers and lightweight jackets are crafted with water resistant fabrics which can offer protection from light rain.

Windproof Winter Jackets:

Some of the waterproof jackets are windproof as well. Quite obviously, the insulating layer that prevents water from seeping in also pushes the wind away. These jackets are typically worn in winter when the stormy freezing wind almost makes it impossible for anyone to step out. There are some windbreakers which are not designed to protect from rain. So, you should ask your wholesale rain jackets suppliers whether the jackets you are choosing are appropriate for rain.

Waterproof And Non-Breathable Jacket:

The waterproof non-breathable jackets are not suitable for heavy rain. Poncho and slick jackets are crafted with waterproof non-breathable fabric which can offer partial protection from the rain. If you want private label or customized wholesale jackets, you can get in touch with the manufacturers and upload the logo design and brand name that you want in your ordered items.