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4 Fab Ways In Which Modern Rain Jackets Are Hipper Than Old Raincoats

Want to protect yourself from pouring showers and roaring thunders when you go outside? Well, it’s a common habit to wear raincoats for this purpose. But no need to garb in this cumbersome and hideous outerwear lying at the end of your closet when these have evolved so much in terms of style, colors and features recently. If you’re a business owner, eager to expand your private label jacket collection by including rain jackets, do associate with one of the promising clothing suppliers Canada to bulk purchase trendy rain proofing jackets in charming hues.

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Check this out to find out why contemporary rain coats are so much cooler than drab-looking ones used before.

  • Ultra-light material crafting

Unlike previously designed raincoats that were heavy in weight due to usage of weighty fabrics for tailoring them, voguish rain jackets are made out of exceptionally light fibers. As your rain wear will already serve as protective clothing during monsoon, there’s no need to throw on one that’s already heavy and uncomfortable. Choosing a lightweight rain jacket to wear in the rainy weather is a far better option to manage yourself smartly on the road or in any outdoor scene when the sky is downpouring!

  • Incredibly breathable

Breathability is a factor that’s paid much more importance for designing rain jackets than it was before. Instead of feeling suffocated in a clumsy, fat and dull-looking rain coat, you can easily throw on a fashionable waterproof jacket that provides ventilation to keep you comfortable during stormy conditions when humidity levels soar high.

  • More convenient to carry for traveling

Going for a hiking trip or a mountaineering adventure? Worried about what will happen if it rains that time? Well, let us deliver the good news that modern rain jackets stand out as remarkably packable outerwear. Being made with cutting-edge technology, these waterproof jackets score high on durability and weigh lesser than conventional rain coats which make them highly suitable for packing inside your backpack. You can carry these water-resistant jackets conveniently on outdoor adventures and climbing trips without any hassle!

  • Look super-stylish

Fear that the appeal of your fashionwear will get dampened on putting on a lousy-looking raincoat? Well, you can stay assured that this won’t happen as currently designed rain jackets are found to exhibit jaw-dropping hues. Rain jackets for fashion-forward men and women can now be seen to showcase pretty and bold colors like pink, orange, yellow, purple, dark blue, grey, dual tones such as grey and black, blue and grey and other appealing tinges. You can pair these snazzy rain wear in ravishing hues and gorgeous designs with your casual outfit, street clothes, partywear, formal attire or other outerwear to upgrade your fashion quotient.

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