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4 Plus Size Jacket Types That Give You a Slimming Effect!

Plus size clothing has become a huge thing now with models making the big bucks and changing the scene for men’s magazines that mostly had skimpy, photo brushed models before. This phenom over the world is giving heavier people the opportunity and confidence to have self-belief and try all sorts of things when comes to their overall style quotient.

However, wearing jackets or basic layering gets quite tricky for them and tend to ruin the fashion balance in their look by making them appear bigger than they really are. But, with the right kind of guidance when it comes to wholesale plus size jackets, they too can find options that are going to make them look like they are, balance the fashion, and not make people notice their weight as the first thing!

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If you are already curious, then let’s take a look at the top jacket types that give plus size people a leaner look –

1. Long Slim Fit Jackets

When it comes to making yourself look taller and leaner, having a bit of extra length on the jacket, especially for women can work wonders. However, they must make sure that the jacket comes with a snug fit and is not made from material that is too thick or fluffy. Also, for short women in general, the ideal length would be mid thighs to above the knees, and going in for too much length can actually make them look shorter, unless of course, they are wearing high heels!

2. Leather Jackets

Plus size leather jackets have always been a slimming alternative because of its thin fabric width and boxy make, which gives a more angular look. Also, they are a durable material and if you are against animal cruelty, then you can always opt for faux leather clothing. Another great thing about plus size leather jackets is the fact that it is available in dark slimming colors like black and brown, and that always works for plus size people. Also, these jackets are extremely easy to pair with all kinds of clothing and that is an added advantage.

3. Denim Jackets

Another option for plus size men and women is denim jackets which come with a longer tail. These jackets bring a lot of options for both sexes and give you a taller frame which makes you look slimmer. Denim jackets last for years and are also quite effective against subtle drops in temperature and windy days. However, the main attraction of the denim jacket is the fact that it can be paired with almost all sorts of casual wear and one can still hit the style marks in point.

4. Asymmetrical Cloth Jackets

You have probably seen celebs wear this over white and black t shirts with distressed jeans all the time, and there is good reason for it. While these jackets are more of an accessory for layering and not an effective insulating apparel, the snug yet comfortable fit and the asymmetrical placement of the hoodie, buttons, and jacket tail makes it very stylish and slimming for plus size people. The bright side is, you can wear these jackets with distressed jeans, joggers, sneakers, and other athleisure apparels that you have in your wardrobe – like a hip-hop cap.

These are the 4 types of wholesale jackets that have quite the slimming effect on plus size men and women and you can check it out for yourself!

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