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4 Style Trends From The 80s That We Are Totally Borrowing This Year

Simpler times called for simple clothing! Well, the 80s proved it wrong. Gifting us with numerous fashion pieces for which we all will be forever indebted to them. Fashion was bold and beautiful (well not all of them though!). From denim jackets to leather jackets, miniskirts to slogan t-shirts, some of them have etched their places in the fashion industry and our wardrobes. Focusing entirely on some of the most popular items, which were a thing back then and are a thing right now, here is presenting a list. Four such trends to borrow and you are golden even in 2017!

Trend 1: Denim everything

Okay, denim clothes (everything from jackets to shirts) made their way back to the fashion circuits last year, but we are not letting go of them this year. Denim is a comfortable fabric which is versatile, making them a flawless choice. Denim jackets (of all the denim clothes constructed) were extremely popular during the 80s, especially the ones that came in a variety of washes and were worn by the kids back then. So pick one from an entire range of wholesale denim jackets available with manufacturers and pull a major throwback look.

Trend 2: The comfy tracksuits

Tracksuits were like the safe haven for the 80s people. and even after so many years (decades in fact), they are still doing well, especially with the fitness freaks we find in abundance. Considered as a great clothing apparel for both in and out the gym, tracksuits have become our ‘it’ products. Zip them up, wear them as a layer or just go for a full tracksuit stance, they will definitely transfer you into a comfort zone. Custom tracksuits that are constructed using your designs and ideas can be purchased from manufacturers.

Trend 3: The statement accessories

So the big earrings and chunky neckpieces are back and we thank the 80s for their wonderful contribution. The statement accessories are something which instantly lights up a look, elevating the approach by volumes. The excess use of accessories was popularised by the pop stars and could easily be recognised from a two feet radius as they screamed for attention. If you want to add drama to your outfit in 2017, then put one of them on and see the charm work.

Trend 4: The evergreen leather jackets

Though leather jackets date back way back to the early 1900s, but this classic piece of fashion, which later became timeless, was popularised by the bad boys of Hollywood, both on and off screen. Versatile to the point where they could be worn with anything and everything, leather jackets were quick to gain attention. Even today, their position at the top has been unaltered, hardly challenged. Justifies them being a staple!

Thus, it can be concluded that 80s truly were all about dressing to impress. You can pull them off in a modernised way with ease once you have all the instruments. With a number of manufacturers having gathered a vast inventory that ranges from denim jackets to wholesale rain jackets, the option is nearly limitless. Interested retailers can make a bulk purchase by registering with the former today. Massive discounts can also be secured on these spectacular 80s clothing items.


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