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4 Tracksuit Looks That Could Make For Awesome Day Wear

Tracksuits are probably one of the oldest members of the athleisure family and was quite popular even when people could not dream of fitness clothing becoming a fashion trend. However, how people wear the tracksuit today and the styles that are available now, are a great deal different from the original idea, even though in most cases, the ancestry is evident. This blog looks to navigate in waters of what celebs and jacket manufacturers find trendy today and how some of these styles can very well be a perfect day look alternative for you.

Let’s take a look at the popular specimens –

The Baggy Monochrome Tracksuit with Sweatshirt

This one breaks the common notion of the jacket and pairs the track pants with same color monochrome sweatshirt that has running sports stripes from the shoulders down the sleeves and are even continued on the pant’s side seams. This design has become fairly common and mainstream now and people are going for all kinds of colors from navy blue to fluorescent. However, it is the neutral colors that are becoming most common and even celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Bella Hadid were spotted wearing it!

Crop Jacket Tracksuit

Bored of the same old jackets in regular track suits? Well, ladies, you can always try the crop jacket tracksuit and flaunt those washboard abs you have been working so hard on. The crop jacket is available in all types of colors and getting it in whatever your favorite color is will not be that tough. You can also pair this tracksuit with a heels or sneakers underneath, depending on the type of look you are trying to pull off!

Slouchy Tracksuits

Recently Selena Gomez was spotted wearing a slouch tracksuit and it has become quite the trend ever since. These suits balance out the fit with a baggy top wear and a fitted bottom wear. Good for pairing with heels, one could also go for fancy sneakers and contrast it with the color. The singer was spotted wearing an all red one and you too can follow suit and try any number of colors. In fact, if you decide on going for something in jet black color, then add some bling to it with golden jewelry and you are good to go.

The Velvet Tracksuit

One of the most popular options amongst wholesale tracksuits, the velvet tracksuit is definitely something you can try as your day or evening wear. Made popular by a dozen celebs, it has been a famed look for Kim Kardashian, the socialite/ celebrity/ private label owner. It looks glossy and feels comfy and the dark colors look best because of the shine that comes with it.

These are the 4 best alternative tracksuit styles that are doing the rounds and make for fabulous day wear as well. All of the above-mentioned types are fashion savvy and pack in quite the punch in terms of recent trends!