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6 Fall/Winter Jackets That Are the “It” Items This Season

With the Fall/Winter coming all over again, all the fashionistas out there must be wondering about what’s “in” and what “out” this season, right? So, before you immerse yourself in fashion magazines and websites, here’s providing you a sneak-peak into the hottest jacket trends this season.

After all, jackets become our best friends during this time of the year, and a wardrobe sans at least a dozen of jackets seems futile and meaningless! So, here you go—

Leather Biker Jacket

This one is perhaps the most versatile of it all. Team it with anything, even your most mundane dresses of all, and you shall emerge as the diva always! Correct us, if you think we’re mistaking!

Draped Coat

Yea; you’ve heard us right! We’re talking about a draped coat. Although you may get it in numerous hues and shades, we’d ask you to go for the classic black ones and team it with your classy trousers. The evening black tie events won’t be the same again for you!

Colorful Stripped Coat

Add color and spark to your regular casual coats with this one. You may wear this to anywhere—be it a Sunday picnic or a college lecture or simply at a friends’ day out. The winters would never be dull and boring again when you put these on!

Trench Coats

Now, here we’ve got one of the most indispensable winter clothing items ever. You wear this to beat the chill; you wear this to keep yourself snug always as much as you need it to increase the regal aura about you. Again, although available in numerous hues and shades, we’d ask you to keep it simply in neutral hues.

Cashmere Coat

These may be the most expensive of the lot but these are absolutely a “must have” in your wardrobe—especially if you are a follower of classic, timeless fashion! A cashmere coat in milky white or nude simply enhances the regal aura about you. If you have the scope, go for wholesale jackets, this lessens the price per piece to a great extent.

Plaid Coat

These have been around for quite some time now, and it still continues its winning run. These, too, may be worn differently in different occasions and keeps you indeed snug and comfortable throughout! Be it for travelling purposes or for a simply hang out with friends, this jacket can sparkle everywhere!