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6 Intriguing Facts About Denim Jackets You Didn’t Know About

Full Audio Version: 6 Intriguing Facts About Denim Jackets You Didn’t Know About

Are you a fan of the classic denim jackets? Well, majority of guys and girls are fond of wearing these ultra-cool jackets that are characterized by a seamless denim construction. Modern denim jackets have now become a trending apparel choice for casual outerwear as these iconic jackets stand out as an epitome of style and comfort that’s rare to find in other coats and jackets. If you’re a business owner, keen to stock up denim jackets, you should connect with one of the celebrated denim jacket manufacturers.

This will fulfil your need of acquiring trendy denim jackets of superior quality to appease your fashion-forward clients.

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  • These came to existence 10 years after the origin of jeans

Do you know that the world’s first denim jacket was produced in 1880? Well, as per records of fashion history, 1880 marks the creation of the first ever denim jacket by Levi Strauss, who had also introduced jeans to the world 10 years earlier. The invention of denim jackets was a game-changer in the global fashion scenario as what started out as a dashing outerwear of American fashion began to be adopted by both men and women worldwide to nail a stylish streetwear look.

  • You can find them in raw and dry denim

As in the case with jeans trousers, denim jackets are crafted with both raw and washed denim. Want to know the difference between the two? Well, jackets made of raw denim textile are not washed during production while the latter is washed as they’re produced. Raw denim jackets offer a darker and crisper color but many prefer washed denim jackets as they’re better resistant to shrinkage and fading.

  • You can explore various color options other than blue

Though light blue and indigo blue are the standard choices for denim jackets, you can find them in other color options as well. Right from blue, black, gray and white to red, green and violet, denim jackets can be seen in an array of eye-catching colors as the particular weaving pattern of denim allows dyeing with several colors other than just blue. Just make sure to pick a denim jacket in a shade that matches with the rest of your ensemble and accessories to create an uber-trendy look.

  • These were initially designed as a casual replacement to formal suit jackets

It’s a known fact that most guys and girls like to wear denim jackets as casual outerwear with jeans and tees. But what remains a shrouded fact is that Strauss originally invented denim jackets as a casual and chic alternative to traditional suit jackets.

  • You can wear them throughout the year

Contradictory to usual belief, you can sport denim jackets year-round. Some folks assume that denim jackets are solely suitable to wear during cold winter season. Of course, you can certainly wear these cozy jackets during winter but you can also wear them during summer, spring and fall.

Want to rock your denim jacket in the cold? Then, remember to pair it with warmer garments to stay snug and sassy. Wish to wear your denim jacket for summer or spring? Then, sport them with a basic tee and jeans or similar cooler outfits for a happening style statement. The unmatched versatility of denim jackets makes them a dapper outerwear to carry throughout the whole year; you just need to select the right attire and accessories to rock them effortlessly.

  • These allow easy maintenance

What makes denim jackets so reliable is that they’re easy to care for. As denim is made of cotton, you can wash these jackets in the washing machine instead of going for dry cleaning. Has your denim jacket become dirty? Then, simply put it in the washing machine with the correct amount of liquid detergent. After it’s cleaned, you can dry it by hanging it.

Obviously, it’s not necessary to place your denim jacket in the machine each time it becomes shabby. If a small stain or blemish appears, you can opt for spot cleaning your denim jacket using a wet washcloth and a bit of liquid detergent. Blotting its surface will remove the stain and restore a cleaner texture.

As a retailer, thrilled to curate denim jackets, you must collaborate with a top-rated jacket distributor, also noted as a varsity jacket manufacturer. The diverse and stunning jacket collection of such a jacket manufacturing hub will excel in delivering edgy denim jackets in suave styles to make your denim jacket stock attention-grabbing.

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