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A Brief Guide On Different Types Of Rain Jackets

Rain jackets, as the name itself suggests, would certainly convey the undertone of some clothing shield, meant to protect you from rain but with the evolution of technology and science, designers are breaking down the concept by combining different styles and materials within their latest collection which is meant to safeguard from rain, cold and wind. However, with the introduction of their recent choices it might seem quite difficult to choose the right ones unless you keep the following factors in mind. Here’s a look at them!

Waterproof or Water Resistant

While waterproof jackets are meant to protect the wearers from precipitation and allow sufficient breathability by evaporating sweats and excess moisture from the body, those coming with water resistant  properties create a protective shield outside, preventing rain from penetrating through the jacket. Unlike the waterproof ones which are commonly used by mountaineers, skiers, cyclists and hikers, preferably in colder climates, the latter ones are highly recommended for fitness walkers, climbers, skiers, particularly in spring as they are relatively more lightweight and less expensive than the formers. Now whichever jacket you choose, it completely depends on your personal preference and requirement.
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Different Varieties of Weather Shells

Once you realize whether you need waterproof and water resistant jackets or each one of them, you must get a brief idea on their different shells that they are available with.

Hard Shell

Hard shell jackets are just another term for waterproof jackets which come in comparatively stiffer fabrics than those with soft shells. Since these are not generally insulated, they feature two middle and underlying layers that help in retaining the warmth within the body.

Soft Shell

Coming with an insulated layer and a water resistant shell, these are widely preferred as a classic solution for their high capability of providing breathability and absolute protection from wind, rain and cold. As opposed to hard shells these have excellent flexibility that ensure that the wearers can perform any high-energy activities without getting worried about the unpredictable weather conditions.

Hybrid Shell

These jackets combine the best of the other types, possessing the brilliant features of waterproof and breathable properties while allowing flexibility and stretch ability to the wearers and offering ultimate protection even in a downpour. So if you are planning to take a trip to the mountains and wish to experience the thrills of mountain hiking, do not forget to pack your hybrid shells jackets.

Insulated Shell

Insulated or puffy jackets are perfect to keep you warm and protected from the cold and rain as they are made of synthetic fibers inside and waterproof, breathable fabric layer outside. Plus, their seams are well sealed in order to ensure better permeable and more durable. So if you are looking for some rain jackets for women, you can find them in a mélange of colors and prints at any online manufacturing hub. For instance, the ones in purple with floral motifs, made of breathable, insulated shells can go for different purposes, when worn with jeans, leggings or trousers.

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