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A few pointers on how to rock the varsity jacket style

The varsity jacket is an uber cool outfit in an old fashioned kind of way. It does a dual job making you feel comfortable and look rock chic enough to sail you thorough the endless clubbing nights. Mind you, the varsity jacket has a very distinguished and athletic history because back in early 1990s only those folks were allowed to wear it who excelled in multitude of sports activities. But gradually, thanks to globalization it has become a humble and easily accessible piece of clothing. With no discrimination within the two genders, both men and women are rocking the outfit with full glory. But sometimes a little bit petty apprehensions comes in the way whereby women start doubting whether they’ll be able to pull off this jacket. But don’t worry, this blog is written keeping in mind a few ways that you can wear the wholesale varsity jacket and look beautiful inside-out too.

Modern Colors

Modern colors that are trendy but suit the aesthetic and vibe as well. Hence go for Ox-blood Red, Navy, classic black and white – keep the color representative of the season and leave that mustard and green number you once wore with your running tracks in your childhood closet! Pro tip- Go for dark grungy lip colors to amp up the look.

Old School

Partner your varsity jacket stylishly with something equally as preppy for example, an oxford button-down shirt is ideal to make you stand out. Even a classic white-T shirt will help you slay the look with your contagious aura.

Minimal and cool

Minimize the layering to keep yourself from looking like you’re quite literally coming from sports practice. Your goal is to make sure that your attire is sleek and chic! For bottoms think pencil tight skirts, cigarette pants and skinny jeans, go minimal to achieve the maximum cool!

Opposites attract

Contrast that tomboyish vibe of the varsity jacket with a girlish pair of dress. Mostly, a fit-and-flare dress will ensure that you are contrasting correctly with the addition of some high maintenance accessories and lavishly curled locks!

Serial draper

Never underestimate the power of a cool jacket-cum-cape. Drape your varsity jacket delicately over your shoulders, carry a clutch and top your outfit with a pair of glamorous stilettos and you’re done. This would mostly complement a skirt and a tee look but you can experiment as per your preferences.

Extra not-ordinary

Well, the varsity jacket and jeans outfit is a tried and tested look. But since you’re the master of your own life, why not play around with it. Mix various colors and acid washed jeans to stand out in the crowd. The fact is whatever you chose to wear be confident enough to carry it.

Hence, women can refer to any/all of the style list mentioned and make everyone envious of their fashion choice. Retailers can update their stock to pamper their female customers and bulk order wholesale bomber jackets from manufacturers who are at the top wholesale market scene.