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Everything you need to know for a charming jean jacket look

Reported by Oasis Jackets and Posted on 2017-08-31 08:03:33

Denim jacket- the new found love of all men out there. While we all know the reason is simple, there is much more to it than what meets the eye. As for the reason, it is defiantly fashionable. If you are still not sure about it, here is an article for that. The first part discusses the washes they come in, the second highlights the clothes and accessories that work well with the jackets.

The three shades for denim jacket

Though one can associate a denim jacket with a variation of the shade of blue, however, there are other shades of it as well. To primarily understand the three basic shades, give a read to the following.


Grey denim jackets are basically an alternative to the next two jackets mentioned in the list. To break away from the monotony that denim jackets can sometimes bring, a grey jacket is a piece that you need. It offers a nice touch of balance to your outfit. With the multi-dimensional appeal that a grey jacket has, it is the exact amount of versatility you need to add drama without adding much drama.


A black denim jacket is a replacement for a blazer of the same color, with the added advantage of the smart casual vibe. The versatility of black will match the wavelength of any and all clothes you team with it. A white t-shirt works the best and elevates the overall look the black denim jacket. To give it a more refined look, you can go for all-black appearance as it can never go wrong.

Dark Blue

Your perfect casual wear companion is a dark blue denim jacket. Complementing both the moods of late summer and early autumn, a dark blue jean jacket will help you create a more appealing appearance. In fact, this is the piece you need to pull off the perfect lumberjack look if you’re really into it. Also, pair it with darker clothes for the ultimate impact. Wholesale jean jackets in different shades are available with the topmost manufacturers.

Key accessories to wear with a denim jacket

Thus, a jean jacket is the ultimate outerwear you need right now. With the low maintenance vibe and durability, okay, let us not forget the comfort and style, they are everything you need in your wardrobe right now. From customized leather jacket to jean jackets in various shades can be purchased in bulk by the retailers from the prominent manufacturers of jackets.

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