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Let the youth be alive in you with the style of varsity jackets

Reported by Oasis Jackets and Posted on 2015-09-09 09:27:30

Perhaps no other jacket on earth is associated more with American culture than the iconic varsity jacket. Today, everyone from boarding school preps to the most discerning street wear seniors can be seen rocking one of these on a regular basis in all types of settings and climates. The back to school concept greatly has come from the varsity jackets. Origin of varsity Thanks to the hypnotizing power of mass media, varsity jackets have overpowered the world and have become inseparable from American athletes in high school and college. The original varsity jacket, or as it was known back then, letterman jacket, has its roots in the mid 19th century at the most prestigious university on earth – Harvard University. The versatile varsity jackets Customize your own stylish varsity jackets Seeing the demand of the versatile varsity jackets, many manufacturers have introduced innovative custom varsity jackets, which you can also design on their websites at your leisure time taking out time from your busy schedule. These jackets are highly comfortable and cozy during all climates as it is made of different materials suited for different weather conditions mainly as it is made for college students who require these for all seasons. For monsoons it is rain protected and water proof which can be worn a raincoat jacket, similarly for winters it is made of wool which becomes cozy to prevent the harsh winter. There are many designs and colors to choose from if you can't decide of any. You can choose among a sea of colors and embroidery designs like alphabets, animals, logos, quotes, numbers and many more. Let your imaginations run wild and bring out the designer in you. With so many varieties available and easy access to the collection, don't wait to design your own customized jackets and flaunt it in your college and be a show stopper wherever you go.

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