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Sublimated Hoodie is the Fashion for the Future Making Heads Turn Today!

Reported by Oasis Jackets and Posted on 2016-05-20 07:51:57

Did you think that hooded jackets were only meant for the gym? Yes at one point of time they were probably only worn by fitness freaks and sportspersons during training and workout sessions in the winters but those days are long gone. Fashion today is all about making statements and clothes are designed to speak personalities, can hoodies be far behind? Hooded jackets are also no longer meant for just the winters but they can be worn all year round and nobody seems to be complaining because they do look super cool and can make one look like the eighth wonder!!

Fashion is Bolder and Brighter than Ever

The subtleties are gone. The current generation love to flaunt their own, unique sense of style no matter how quirky or abstract it might be. This may be one of the reasons for the rising popularity of dye-sublimation. This novel printing technique results in the creation of sublimated hoodies featuring vivacious, great quality prints, designs and it has the ability to make use of every square inch on the apparel. There is no color and design limitations and the prints do not crack or fade away even after multiple washes.

Effective as a Promotional Product

Dye-sublimation offers fabulous opportunities for customization. Hoodies are liked by men and women of all ages because of its versatility and heightened sense of fashion. For businesses wanting to boost their brand name and promote their business, they can definitely think of doing it by giving away well-crafted, trendy hoodies. These are pieces that can be worn from the street to the gym and nowadays even to the clubs for a laid-back, chilled out and super cool look.

What are the Popular Prints for the Season?

The young fashion lovers love off-beat approaches to designs as their sense of style is different from the yesteryears. They are spunky, bold and don't care about wearing their opinions! Let your racks be flooded with some kick-ass looking hoodies. For that, get in touch with reputed jacket manufacturers and place bulk order. Be as crazy as you can because this generation needs a little bit of that!

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