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Denim Jacket Guidelines: Follow Them to Look Your Best

Have a love for denim, especially denim jackets? Thinking of buying some? A denim jacket is one of those high-end fashion wear with which you can never really go wrong. This iconic, versatile form of outerwear looks amazing on every body type, but, like every clothing piece, there are some rules to wear it right!

Don’t worry, it’s okay if you haven’t followed them yet. After all, it’s never too late to start fresh!

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Follow these dos and don’ts the next time you decide to throw on one:

Do Pair Different Colored Denim Pieces

Yes, you can of course pair a denim jacket with your favorite denim jeans, but what you need to be careful about is choosing the right color. For example, if you are thinking about wearing a faded blue denim jacket then pair it with dark-colored jeans. Faded blue combined with dark blue creates an aesthetically pleasing, eye-gripping appearance that looks amazing on almost everyone. So, when it’s all denim in your outfit, think about different colors.

Don’t Go for The Wrong Size

Never ever wear the wrong size denim jacket. When it’s too small, it limits your freedom of movement and looks odd, and when it’s too large, it looks unflattering. In order to choose the right size jacket, roam around a bit, visit different stores. Keep in mind, patience is a virtue!

Do Go For Classic Blue

These days, it’s true that you will find denim jackets in different colors, however, try to stick to the classic blue as much as possible. Doesn’t matter what type of personality you have, a blue denim jacket will make you look good in every outfit. You can dress it down, dress it up, or simply combine the two style approaches with it.

Don’t Wash It Every Day

There are some people with the opinion that you can’t wash a denim jacket, which is not entirely wrong. You should always wash it when you see it’s visibly dirty. If you have worn it thrice this week doesn’t mean it’s dirty. Wait and check the collar, if you notice any black marks over there, it’s time to put it inside the machine then!

Do Grab Blue Accessories

You can curate a clean denim outfit by wearing blue accessories with a denim jacket. While women can accessorize their outfits by wearing a blue bracelet, handbag, necklace, etc, men can also accessorize their outfits by wearing blue shades and watches.

Don’t Wear a Wrinkled Denim Jacket

Last but definitely not least— wearing a wrinkled denim jacket is a big fashion blunder. Denim can resist wrinkles but then, to a certain extent. It’s not immune to wrinkles. Hang them neatly inside your closet, so that they don’t get wrinkled. Tossing on the floor or folding it with other clothing items won’t help.

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