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Design Varsity Jackets For The Local High Schooler’s- A Step-By-Step Guide

Few wears can beat the dominance and craze of varsity jackets among the high-schoolers and college-goers in USA and Australia. This makes them quite a no-brainer for small businesses to stock.
Although many top manufacturers offer plenty of different varieties, it is best you design your own varsity jackets wholesale to better target your local school and college students.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you design or make your own varsity jacket efficiently and easily. First, dial a good jackets manufacturer who offers wide personalization option in the first place.
Step 1– Choose from among different styles of jackets.
(I)                 Classic (standard, made using cotton and wool);
(II)               Hooded (comes with a hood);
(III)             Retro (made using leather).
Step 2– Choose the body Color.
Step 3– Choose the color of the sleeves. (Make sure it complements with the body color.)
Step 4– Choose the color of the pockets. (It is best to keep it similar with the sleeves’ color.)
Step 5– Choose the types and colors of buttons. (Again, keep the color similar to either of the body or sleeves’.)
Step 6– Choose a suitable pattern type for the collars and hemlines. And then select its color.
Step 7– Now time to choose the texts and numbers, possibly the name of the (or anything that relates to) school or college you are targeting.
Step 8– Choose the text style, placement, its color and size. You will get plenty of options here. Make sure you don’t crowd the jacket with just the texts though. Use both the front and back space if needed.
Step 9– Choose the size of the jacket (XS, S, M, L, XL, or XXL).
Of course it depends on manufacturers how much leeway you get in choosing the colors, styles and size of your custom made jackets wholesale, but the above mentioned are the basic and simple steps that you are likely to follow regardless who you are buying from.
It is best that you know your target audience- what they need, what are their preferences and so forth- to make customization easy and hassle free.


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