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Different Types of Jackets and a Valuable Lesson

A look at the world of the jacket, and you are to get flabbergasted (in a good way) for it is varied. You love jackets or hate them, you certainly can’t avoid them. Let us not get to the winter months for that is a necessity, but summers can also be a fun time to play with the jackets. But we are not getting to the seasons either. We are focusing on the different types of jackets that are available. Not putting much attention on the popular ones (denim, flannel, bomber and leather to say), we will be talking about the little less known ones. They are classy and elegant and loved by some, but let us take a look at that.

The varsity jackets

Treated as an American cultural symbol, a varsity jacket is a perfect representation the same. The first letterman jacket came into existence when the athletes in the Harvard University designed their own version of an outerwear that featured their triumphs. The jackets represented letters for the college and were worn as a part of the boastful collection. Each win further added to it. This status symbol soon was accepted by the casual world of fashion and what has ensued since is a direct representation of class, symbol and style, all the same time. Nowadays, custom varsity jackets are worn at large by athletes and non-athletes all around the world alike. The embellishment on them has reduced significantly, giving way to more subtlety.

The sports jackets

Another outerwear which had its origin in the field of sports, the sports jacket is popular for its loose fit. It allows you to slip into a sweater underneath for the room inside is much. It looks rugged and is known for its ability to withstand adversity. You might not derive enough softness from these jackets, owing to the coarse fabric used; these are extra warm and can keep you snug even on the coldest days. The function of a sports jacket, on the other hand, is much more inclined towards sporting occasions; they are not necessarily built for the field. This rendition is more for the athlete men outside the field. Brown, green, grey and blue is the most common choice of shade for this particular one.

The suit jackets

A suit jacket is made for the suit. It has no fancy detailing but is fancy anyway (special mention goes to its design). The thumb rule for a suit jacket is that it should fit your silhouette properly. Slim and sleek are the two words that retort well with this type of jacket. However, the thin fabric can accommodate layers underneath as well to give it a more conventional guise. Though they come in a variety of patterns, with checks and stripes being the most popular, to keep things from getting overcrowded, you can stick to the basic colors, dark or light depending on your requirement. A structured suit jacket is a popular form of outerwear that works well for formal occasions in particular. For an experimental appearance, you can wear it with a casual ensemble as well.

This information is expected to help you get through the overwhelming experience of choosing a jacket. Whatever you pick, make sure it complements the attire well. From varsity jackets to customized sports jackets top rated manufacturers have them all in their inventory. Interested retailers can make a purchase of the jackets in bulk at special and discounted price.