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Factors To Consider When Buying Jackets To Pair With Jeans

It is hard to screw up a blue jeans and jacket combination. The catch is – get the jacket and the jeans right in the first place. When it comes to jeans, the basic worn out pair can even work well, provided you pick up the right jacket. This means, more than half of the equation lies in choosing your jacket.

There is a huge range available in the market to choose from, which makes your task difficult. For this reason, consider a couple of factors while buying one.

Casual Jacket Fabric – Picking up the right fabric is a tough call. A fine, outdone wooly jacket screams ‘wow’ to a practiced eye. On the other hand, trendy letterman jacket with high density foam and geeky alphabet, might crack the mustard for a high school student.

Sneak peek collection – If you are fashion savvy, you must keep an eye on what’s hot in the market or the latest arrivals. Graphic printed jackets, salmon, turtle neck, tracksuits and woolen items are the showstoppers. Retailers find it beneficial to order bulk products like wholesale sports jackets from a reputed manufacturer.

Unique jacket cuts – Unique, patterned cut is the added definition, but there is not point over doing it. Some people opt for tailor made jackets to get the desired look. But, when it is paired with your extra-casual jeans, the combo fails to steal the limelight. A little bit softness around the shoulder works well, and the taper around the waist must not exceed. For fittings, keep in mind that it should be sports-friendly. Occasional hiking and impromptu hunting trips never hurts!

Bold color shades and pattern – A solid jacket is fine for office hours. But being geek every time, sounds boring! Add li’l fun to your closet by purchasing bold patterned and colorful jackets. Color like dark maroon or gray and patterns like plaids will never ditch you. The general rule is to keep the highlighting color lighter than your jeans.

There are many reliable apparel manufacturers who sell huge collection of jackets for bulk orders. Their website displays the rich product gallery from where retailers and garment owners can select and purchase sports, letterman jacket wholesale or custom jackets at wholesale rates. If you are an individual who would like to place bulk orders for specific occasion, look for a website which bags latest arrivals and facilitates bulk buying.