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Are Flannel Jackets the Thing You Have Been Looking For?

Flannel has carried forward as a fashion trend for years now and so has flannel jackets. Made from woven wool that lets you take a tough stand against cold and bad fashion, these apparels are quite the treat to the eyes.

However, there are many haters and cynic, who like belittling this classic fashion trend and this blog wants to show them better. In fact, in the right hands, wholesale flannel jackets are going to sell of like hot cakes. It just all depends on what retailers show you and how much of it is convincing for you!

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Or you could take a look at this list that tells you why flannel jackets are the only thing your wardrobe is missing right now.

Stylish and Sleek

There is something about these jackets, especially when worn in sports fit; they really bring out the sleek and stylish in people. Their classic check boxes design go well with anything that is basic and makes it look urbane and hipster.

In fact, if you took out your oldest pair of jeans that is faded beyond repair and your oldest tee, wear them and add a flannel jacket and broad rimmed glasses, you would look like a perfect hipster. Now you understand what we are talking about!


Since flannel is pretty much a woollen fabric, it comes quite cheap compared to leather and silk alternatives. Being a new age man or woman, everyone knows that the art of fashion lies in variety, not in a one piece master shot – at least not for regular people.

So why opt for anything else. There are many flannel jackets that have dual prints inside and out that can be worn without any problem. That means you get two jackets for the price of one.

The Celeb Frenzy

Celebs are completely crazy about flannel clothing, especially in their daily looks and that should be reason enough for you to have your own flannel collection. The thing that works for the fabric is its cool and casual appeal that resonates with so many people around the world.

Who would want to wear a silk blazer or leather jacket while walking on a street at 11 in the morning – not unless you are from Wall Street or a criminal biker gang? And that’s the grey area where flannel jackets operate in.


One could get a nice flannel jacket and not worry about getting another one for 6-7 years. That’s how durable the material is if you take care of your jacket. If that isn’t a worth a buy, we don’t know what is.

If all of these reasons aren’t reason enough for you to get a latest design flannel jacket, then all the best. However, while you take your time with the decision, jackets manufacturer companies are delivering bulk orders of the same!

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