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Follow These 3 Easy Steps To Grab The Best Rain Jacket For You

Winter is not just famous for ice and heavy blizzards, but it is also known for rain in some regions. If you are a fitness enthusiast who stays in such a region where winter is often accompanied by both heavy snow and a downpour then you can prevent chilling yourself to the bone while going for a run or cycling by investing in a quality rain jacket.

But, with such a wide variety available in wholesale rain jackets, how to know which one would be perfect for you?contact us

Don’t worry, just go through these few effective tips once:

Should you opt for a waterproof or water-resistant jacket?

First of all, when it’s to a rain jacket, you need to think about what kind of activities and weather you need it for. The kind of activity you will be indulging in will help to determine whether you require something that’s water-resistant or something that’s completely waterproof. A waterproof rain jacket is a must if you need to spend a lot of time in the rain, particularly heavy rain. A waterproof jacket prevents the water from seeping inside the jacket and making you wet. To ensure that you stay dry and comfortable, waterproof materials undergo heavy engineering and testing. For a short activity or light rain, a water-resistant rain jacket would be ideal.

Breathability plays a crucial role

To decide on the breathability level of a rain jacket, first know how hard you will be exercising while wearing the jacket. Keep in mind that a non-breathable fabric may protect you from the outside moisture while you are jogging or stretching or bending, but the slow build-up of sweat will leave you dripping wet soon. So, always opt for jackets that are crafted out of good ventilation technology, and which allow the air to get in and cool your body while you are exercising. Of course, this is when you plan to work out in a rain jacket.

You can focus less on breathability if you are going to exercise without putting on a rain jacket. In such a situation, go for layers for sure.

As far as style matters…

Last but definitely not the least important on the list is this one, which talks about how to choose a rain jacket that makes you look cool while you work hard. Nowadays, jacket manufacturing companies bring a diverse variety that can be seen in wow-worthy color combinations, and lovely prints and patterns. Pick something that’s not only stylish but totally matches your taste and preferences. Never ever go for anything choosing which you might feel embarrassed in front of the public later.

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