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Go For The Right Color Combination When Opting For Varsity Jackets

Full Audio Version : Go For The Right Color Combination When Opting For Varsity Jackets

Letterman jackets or varsity jackets are sports jackets for high school or college student for a specific level of performance in the athletic team. The term letterman was derived from the practice of awarding students with a letter of honor for good performance for the team. The letter would be a piece of cloth with the initial of the college or student’s name. Slowly, the practice of awarding a sweatshirt or jacket with the initial displayed became popular. Nowadays, these jackets are worn by many as a style statement as well. These jackets are used and loved equally by people of both gender.

There is a plethora of style, color and fabric to choose from. The jackets could be front full zip ones or ones with front buttons. The front buttons could be large and well spaced or small and narrowly spaced. The numbers and letters are stitched on the upper front portion or in the sleeves.

Here are some of the suggested color combinations that look exceptional in these jackets.

Orange and blue

The bright orange with contrast blue is a very striking combination. Such jackets look extremely trendy. The base color here is orange while the sleeves, collar hem and front pockets are highlighted with blue to give it a classy finish.

Blue and white

This makes for a sober garment. Here the numbers and letters can be highlighted with red as well. A tinge of red with blue and white looks great but if someone wants to strictly keep it to two colors, then that is possible as well.

Green and yellow

These two colors complement each other well and are often used in various types of clothing. Although either can be used as the base color but generally green as base color would look better. The yellow can be used as highlighter along with the green.

Red and black

This combination is an evergreen one. The base in red with black in the entire full sleeve portion and in the rest of the body for small details would ensure that you are being treated with the best possible varsity jacket.

These wholesale letterman jackets are the greatest testament of hard work and determination. There are many letterman jacket suppliers online who can give you jackets with unparalleled quality that can be custom made depending on the customer’s personal choice.

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