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Guide To Excellent Denim Jacket Cleaning And Maintenance

No matter which season it is, this classic outerwear can be your versatile clothing for any occasion. Characterized by denim construction, denim jackets are both durable and comfortable. But neglecting its care can make it susceptible to damage and degradation. So, this elaborate guide to denim jacket maintenance can make your denim jackets last long.

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Attentive storage

We have a tendency of flinging our coats or jackets on to beds and chairs after returning home. To preserve your denim jacket’s original shape, store it on a clothes hanger.

Spot clean

At times, spot cleaning or hand cleaning of specific areas is a better cleaning method. This can protect your jacket from frequent exposure to the stress and heat of a washing machine that can reduce its lifespan. For a safe solution, clean your denim jacket using warm water, laundry detergent and a washcloth. For removal of superficial dirt and stains that have not set, spot cleaning will be effective enough.

Removal of lint

A handheld lint roller helps to remove lint from clothes and furniture. For your denim jacket as well, you can use a lint roller to roll across its fabric and eliminate the lint stuck to its surface.

Cold water wash

To get rid of stubborn stains from your denim jacket putting it in the washing machine might be required. Just make sure to set it to cold water as its organic and natural fabric may shrink due to hot water exposure. You may not be able to wear it later if it becomes too tight. So, do cross-check that your washing machine is set to cold water when you put in your denim jacket for cleaning.

Color-safe laundry detergent

Such detergent is specifically designed to preserve original color of garments. Due to its unique blend of chemicals and compounds, this detergent can clean your denim jacket without fading of color. So, you can use it safely without any fear of its fading.

Low heat while ironing

Being derived from cotton, denim is susceptible to heat-related damage. So excess heat may cause it to shrink or singe. Thus, use low heat setting while ironing your denim jacket. That will work efficiently to remove wrinkles on your denim jacket.

Hence, following retailer’s advice and implementing these precautions can help you take appropriate care of your denim jacket. Also, you must inspect it for timely detections of fabric damage. If you are a private label business owner, get hold of a well-known private label jacket wholesale manufacturer with a massive jacket catalog. To ensure safety of your customers, also connect with a reliable mask manufacturer in Canada to fill up your mask collection.

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