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How Are Sports Jackets Different From The Rest?

As derived from its name the hip sports jackets were formerly the outfit worn by people who were involved in some kind of sports. The fundamental purpose of the sports jacket affects its fit. The jacket you purchase is supposed to fit you lose, as much as to let you rock those layers underneath.

This loose fit of the custom sports jackets lets an individual wear a cardigan beneath it. It is unquestionably looser than your suit jacket.


The sports jacket was intended to look more jagged than the blazer and the suit. As such, strap fabrics were used in making it. The most prevalent material used in making sports jacket include tweeds like Donegal and hounds tooth. Other materials that have a napped and rough texture may also be put to use into making sports jackets. All of the materials mentioned generally come in different shades of blue, grey, green and brown. It is also normal to come across sports jackets in checkered patterns.


Yet again, if we look back at the initial objective of the sports jacket, it was destined to serve a role as a sporting garment for men. This explains the rugged appearance of the jacket as well as for some of its fashion details. Ticket pockets, arm patches, and pleats are all details acquired from a sports jacket that is meant to act in different ways. A usual sports jacket comes with a sport label that can be bunged totally to safeguard the neck and chest area. The sports jacket is also one of the most unfussy outerwear if we take into account blazer jackets and suit jackets. But you can never replace a suit jacket with a sports jacket when it is called for. A good scheme is to put your money in a sports jacket once you have got yourself your first suit. A sports jacket will have more utilities compared to a blazer as it fits perfectly in several casual yet slightly dressy events.

Your style guide

Go for the classic navy blue with brass buttons. Paired with a white button-down shirt, a classy tie, black shoes and gray slacks it holds its style in a room full of suits. You can also ditch the tie to put on some khakis to get that sharp look that can go almost anywhere without drawing much attention to itself. Throw over an odd jacket over your polo shirt and chinos, classy yet not too dressed up.

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