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How to Care for Your Polar Fleece Jackets

For many long years, people have preferred wearing woolen or leather jackets during the biting cold of snowy winters. However, the constant torture of freezing winter winds is something that the aforementioned coats could hardly withstand. As a result, even while leather and wool were enjoying immense popularity, search was on for a better material that would give the wearer much needed warmth from the harsh winds of winter. And the answer to that demand was fleece. Fleece is a material that does exactly what leather and wool did, i.e. keeps the wearer cocooned in warmth while they go out in the biting, cold winds. Only, it is so much better.

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Why is it so popular?

It would not be wrong to say that fleece jackets have been dealing some hard blows to the wool market in the last couple of years or so. Besides the fact that fleece is incredibly stylish a material, it also holds warmth close to the wearers body and simultaneously, is resistant to perspiration, water and snow to a large extent. Moreover, it is a lot more comfortable than wool. It is not nearly as stiff but is impressively flexible and so it does not restrict movement in any way. It is highly economical and therefore greatly affordable, unlike leather. Now you know why polar fleece jackets are so popular, especially amongst youngsters.

Caring for it:

One word of advice would be to try and keep the jackets as clean as possible. They tend to get dirty very fast. So, once you are back home, try to dust off the dirt or snow. In case you have spilled something on the jacket, make sure to dab some soap on the stained spots, gently rub it and let it sit for a few hours before washing it. Always wash it with cold water as hot water could make it shrink and discolor.

Whether it is fleece jackets for women or men that you own, you have to care for it properly. Always hang it somewhere. If you just take it off once you get home. Throw it on the floor or couch and let it sit there, the material can get crumpled and dust can build up on it. Do not put the jacket in the drier; it is better to hang it up for drying. Do not put it in front of an air conditioner overnight as it would cause your jacket to dry out and then the fleece can lose the soft feeling it is so popular for.