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How To Style a Beige Leather Jacket Like a Gen Z Woman

There’s nothing more classy than a leather jacket. Although it’s time that you incorporate some not so popular neutral tones in your wardrobe. Black leather jacket has forever been a favorite amongst the Baby boomer and millennial but the Gen Z has a completely different take on this versatile piece of clothing. If there’s any other color you should invest in apart from a black leather jacket, then it definitely has to be beige . This sublime latte color of an outfit is probably one of the best jackets that you can incorporate in your wardrobe for the spring and summer as well.

Thus, one of the popular leather jacket manufacturers in the industry have come up with a collection you should definitely have a look at.

Meanwhile read on the to know about the leather jacket styles in the blog below.


A semi-formal attire consisting of a skinny white tank top, full length denim jeans and beige jacket is perfect for spending the Fridays in the office. You can also wear this outfit for a start-up meeting as it is casual yet has a sophisticated vibe to it.

Regarding the shoes you can either opt for a pair of brown ankle length boots or a classic statement converse.

Maxi people

Beige jackets work well with maxi dresses as well. All you need to do is opt for a botanical print maxi dress that has unique accents along the hemlines or the waist area. For the layer up piece, opt for a pair of cropped beige jacket to complete the look.

For the footwear it will be ideal to opt for a pair of matte black pump heels or you can go blingy as well.

Cropped plaids

If you want to create a Parisian chic look then it will be advisable to opt for a pair of ivory white pencil skirt, plaid cropped top and a beige leather jacket. This outfit exudes a chic glam vibe that is nether over the top nor too bland. To nail the look , all you need to do is opt for a strappy stiletto to complete the outfit.

Monochromatic break

Monochromatic is a mood. You can create interesting monochromatic attires with the help of more than one neutral colored pieces. Hence, all you need to do is opt for a black skinny denim pant and a solid black top. Along with it, layer a beige jacket to complete the look.

To add an edgy vibe to the outfit you can even wear studded boots to complete the look.

Short jumpsuit

Jumpsuits has always been a classic attire for the summers. You can browse through a range of different styles and opt for those that are versatile and sophisticated. Hence , the best way to style a jumpsuit this season is with a beige jacket. You need to opt for a dark colored jumpsuit so that the color palette looks effortless and stylish.

For the shoes, statement sneakers work just fine. Although if you want to add a feminine touch to the outfit, a pair of pump heels will do just time.

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