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Making a Fashion Statement With Boucle Jackets: 5 Refreshing Ways!

The boucle jackets are still reigning supreme. However, this year, the designers have given private label boucle jackets an interesting twist. You can no longer see them in the super preppy way with people styling them with matching dresses. Instead, they are worn with graphic tees, plain white tees, jeans, and layered accessories. While in 2023, the old-money aesthetic and quiet luxury was popularized, in 2024, it is more like ‘old money meeting new stylish girl money’. The textured boucles are quite a thing these days.

Polished, sophisticated, and timeless, they can elevate any ensemble in an instant, and give a refined appearance to the wearer. With the help of a special wool yarn or boucle yarn, these conventional jackets are made. In French, the word boucle means ‘loop’. The yarn is fibrous and thick and leaves a finished texture that is knobby and loopy. The boucle jacket is one of those clothing pieces that is synonymous with quiet luxury. Some of them come with four front pockets and excel in both style and function. These jackets often feature heavy, statement gold buttons. There was a time when they were available at crazy expensive prices but today, you can find them at far more affordable rates.

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Though there are many ways how you can style a boucle jacket, if you are in search of some refreshing ones, read on.

An Iconic Black-and-white Combo

No matter which year it is, a black-and-white outfit will always remain classic. If you wish to pay homage to the classic origins of the boucle jacket, you can recreate the same tones in your own look. Over a pair of crisp-white high-waisted trousers, partner a classic black boucle with gold buttons. To add embellishments to the simple color scheme, use excessive strands of thick gold or pearl jewelry. Add a gold belt to take your look to the next level.

Rely on a Midi Skirt for a Princess Look

With almost every princess going for the iconic boucle jacket, it would not be wrong to state that these jackets are princess-approved. By throwing on a structured boucle jacket over a midi skirt, you can mimic Catherine’s regal look. Remember to pick your boucle jacket carefully when you are going to pair it with a midi skirt. While a boxy boucle will be great with form-fitting bottoms, a breezy midi skirt will need a jacket that tapers in at the waist. A belt can help create an hourglass shape.

When Mixed With Jeans…

Layer a tweed boucle jacket over a simple white or black tee and your favorite pair of jeans to form a truly timeless and easy ensemble. This look is the appropriate blend of elegant and casual with the jacket adding a Parisian, dressy flair to it. If you wish to go for a cool and effortless appearance, throw on wide-legged jeans that offer a relaxed fit. Finish it with a tonal handbag and black, simple ankle boots.

Oh Yes! A Believable Contrast!

As far as layering is concerned, a boucle jacket allows you to do anything you want. For a playful look built on contrast or something that comes in between rock-and-roll and prep, team up a pink boucle with a grunge tee. Accessorize with statement, chunky jewelry, and oversized glasses. To play with minimal proportions on the bottom half of the ensemble, you can pair with a sleek, black midi skirt.

Time to Go Matchy-matchy

Consider pairing a boucle jacket with a boucle skirt. Nothing like the vintage, matchy-matchy jacket and skirt combo in the same fabric. Creating a playful element, a mini skirt contrasts the jacket’s preppy sophistication. The bow trend is huge these days. So, you can go for an outfit that shows multiple bows here and there. If you can not find the same jacket and skirt, look for a pair that comes in the same color. Finish it with a simple black clutch and pointed-toe pumps.

When you go for the above-mentioned suggestions, you steal the spotlight for sure.

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