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How to Nail the Office Christmas Party this Year With the Right Outfits

So you have the office Christmas schedules for this Friday and you still have no idea about what you will wear. You can’t just walk in wearing anything you want to; come on, it is your workplace! You don’t have to dress all formal, but a certain level of decorum has to be followed, no matter how much you plan to get wasted by the end of the night.

Office Christmas parties usually are fun and frolic with plenty of things to do. You can approach your crush from the other department and talk to him. You can dance like no one’s watching and actually hope that no is watching. You can crack up some “boss-jokes” and have a good laugh because it’s the Christmas party and by the end of the night, most of them won’t even remember anything. But that is talking about memories!

Something everyone will remember is your clothes! There will be photographic proof of you and any blunder you make will stick with you the rest of the year. You don’t want that! You should dazzle enough to get the attention of the people, but not enough to make everyone else become blind.

So how to get the flawless dressing game on point? Here are a few ensembles you can rely on.

P.S. Remember, that it is freezing outside and you need the right amount of protection!

  • That black formal dress which you have been saving for the big meeting, this is the time to make an entry in it! If it looks too boring, then throw over a white sleeveless trench coat for that touch of elegance. A pair of red pumps, a modest neckpiece, red lips, nude eyes and messy hair will render you the diva status for the evening. Simple and basic, yet classy and chic, this is the perfect ensemble for a crazy evening ahead.

  • Layered outfits work well especially during the winter. And if you want to experiment with something more casual yet sexy, this might be the right time. All you need is a tracksuit in red that is comfortable to wear and is available with the wholesale tracksuits manufacturers. But trade your tracksuit jacket with a structured blazer. Show off some skin by wearing a hot sports bra inside. Remember that there is a fine line between being sexy and being indecent. Don’t go for something that is extremely racy and rude. Instead, go for a piece of lingerie that helps you create a statement. Wear a pair of pumps underneath the tracksuit trouser. Keep the rest of the look controlled to get a sophisticated appeal.

  • If you believe in keeping things simple, then pick a plain white top and team it with an embellished knee length skirt and pumps (both matching the tone). A pair of fishnet stockings and gem neckpiece will complement the look well while also allowing you to shine through. Keep your hair and makeup minimal too to allow the whole look blend well. (When you feel the cold, throw over an overcoat!)

So, this Christmas party stand out with bravura supreme. Follow the ensembles given here and follow them closely. Whether you decide to wear the black dress or the tracksuit, make sure to pick jackets that help add to the style statement. The key to nailing each appearance is to keep the outfits simple and Bombers and leathers and shearling and camouflage are in focus right now. Jacket manufacturing companies have a bunch of them displayed in their inventory that can be purchased in bulk by the retailers. Discounts can be availed by the bulk buyers.



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