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Quilted Jackets: Top 5 Reasons They Deserve a Place In Your Closet

The ideal middle ground between casual wear and formal daywear is a quilted jacket. These jackets are the perfect outerwear to sport when you plan to go on a summer vacation in the hilly areas or wish to meet your friends in the pub on chilly winters.

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Other than looking pretty fashionable and cool, this popular jacket type comes with certain other major benefits as well.

Wondering whether you should or shouldn’t invest in quilted jackets? Reading the blog might help!

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An Evergreen Piece In Terms Of Fashion

Once upon a time, quilted jackets were solely meant for hunting, shooting, and fishing. Even today, there is hardly any other type of jacketthat can match its unique appeal. This semi-formal jacket is neither too confined for a brunch with friends at that nearby restaurant, nor they are too much for a weekend business casual meeting with clients.While going on a holiday with family, you can easily and neatly fold them inside your duffel travel bag.

Toasty And Warm On The Skin

Irrespective of the place, like whether you are going to work or some hilly area for a vacation, a quilted jacket does a great job of keeping you warm in the winter. With the manufacturers turning them into a ‘modern classic’ piece, they come with a type of lining that keeps you all toasty and dry. Even after wearing them the entire day, you don’t feel weighed down.

Water-Resistant Too!

It might happen that one day you forgot to carry your umbrella and that very daythe weather takes a turn and it either starts drizzling or pouring. You would have nothing to worry about if you have a quilted jacket inside your tote bag. These jackets are perfectly capable of protecting you from light snow or rain shower. Also, the quilted jackets, in comparison to other jacket types, keep your back warmer for a longer period of time during cold winds.

Quite Convenient To Layer And Create Your Own Unique Looks

With the quilted jackets, you can easily layer up in no time and form your own distinct and unique style, different from the rest. You can go out wearing a t-shirt or sweatshirt below it if it’s a bit chilly outside. When the temperature drops a few more degrees, you can wear a jumper or windbreaker underneath your quilted jacket.

Perfect For That Unpredictable Weather

What should the solution be when it’s too cold to leave out your coat and too warm to wear a bomber? Opt for something that comes somewhere in the middle, i.e go for a nice quilted jacket. In fact, why just winter, you can also wear this jacket during the unpredictable weather of fall or spring.

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