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Rain Jackets and Sweatshirts – Everything You need on an Adventure Trip

Adventure trips are rad and make you go all excited to hit the road less travelled and discover new things. These trips need a lot of preparation on the inside to truly prepare oneself to the perils of the path less taken. But, one cannot always make sure the different needs of the journey and therefore this blog lists a few needs one might find handy to carry! Also, these recommendations must be taken on a very ‘need to have’ basis since you would not need them all if you were on a trip to the desert.

Let’s take a look –

Rain jackets

If you are visiting somewhere tropical on your adventure trip then having a rain jacket is a must. These jackets are made from artificial material that are completely water proof and resistant – helping you protect yourself and the important devices that you need. Available in different colors, one can get wholesale rain jackets from distributors and branded retailers during sale and discounts. These jackets also come with a lot of carrying options, having multiple pockets to carry small items like phones, readers, etc. in the waterproof casing.

Some rain jackets are also part windbreaker and help you hold yourself against heavy moist wind which is often an irritable pain if come across without any necessary measure to tackle it. However, it is absolutely essential to remember that you should always buy jackets that come with a hoody because in most cases, it is the head that needs protection.


Sweatshirts are stylish and have plenty of functionality, something that one often misses at face value. With plenty of options available with all retailers, it is easily one of the most liked apparel types we have in modern types. Sweatshirts are light weight garments that protect you from the nip in the air but it isn’t going to be your top choice for a blizzard. Best used for light cold weather, this garment restricts almost no movement and is fairly easy to carry paired with almost anything.

Sweatshirt manufacturers today integrate different types of fabric to give the apparel quick dry and water resistant qualities along with graphic prints to make it look even more amazing. It comes in zippered or pull over styles and should always be worn with the hoodie to increase the garments utility!

When you are going somewhere cold and wet, but don’t want to carry too much baggage, putting a heavy rain jacket on top of your favorite sweatshirt could go a long way. Since the top layer will be made from synthetic fabric, it will stop your body heat from escaping while your sweatshirt gives you that heavy organic feeling inside.

So, what are you still waiting for? Get your dose of these two garments and set off today to discover new places and a new you.

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