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Rain Jackets Trends 2016 Will Get You Excited About Showers And Rainstorms

Now that the spring showers are in full swing but marked with unpredictable outbursts, do not feel gloomy thinking about carrying an umbrella while you’re dressed in expensive, embellished black dress or in that well-tailored suit. It is not really easy to always carry an umbrella but there is a silver lining in the overhead clouds for the fashion lovers because the recent rainy day fashion trends are all excited to act as the premature rainbow in this scenario.

A rain jacket is not only an adventurer’s best friend but also for the fashionistas and contemporary gents. If you think the best part about a rainstorm is when it ends, then you clearly have no found your stylish raincoat yet. Here, take a look below about the hottest rain jackets style of this season for lads and ladies.

  • Clear Plastic Rain Jackets: The see through wholesale rain jackets takes on the shape of traditional everyday jackets and is a fabulous way to keep the rain away from your expensive clothes while giving a peek of what you’re wearing to everyone on the road. These jackets do a fabulous job of keeping water away from your clothes and some of them even come with hoodies for extra protection. To look anything but elementary, go for jackets with colorful lining that adds a spunky look.
  • Floral Printed Plastic Jackets: The jackets itself has got a makeover and it has become a part of the ensemble as it is available in such lovely floral prints in colors of the spring. This is perfect for women and is going to pretty up any look!
  • Rain Poncho: If you didn’t think that you could get creative with something like rain jackets, then it is time to revisit that thought because rain coats today are available in varied sizes, designs, shapes and styles to diminish the gloom and jazz up even rainy day look. The rain ponchos can be found in gorgeous color combinations and prints and with that packed away in your bag, you would be smiling no matter the weather.
  • Torrent shell Jackets: If you are not a big fan of plastic and think that it feels weird against your skin, then the torrent shell jackets for men and women are the ideal option. These jackets are made from technical fabric that lets your skin breathe while it repels rain.
  • Nylon Rain Coats: For all those who want to look sporty and chic even when rain is pouring down hard, the nylon wholesale jackets with hoods are the perfect solution. Made from breathable fabric, it is water-resistant while offering optimal comfort. It comes in zipped up or pullover styles.

Fashion lovers can absolutely go insane with metallic colors, flashy and abstract prints. Rain coats today do much more than keeping rain away from the clothes, it has become like an extension of the attire. Stock up all the latest styles of wholesale rain jackets in bulk by contacting a renowned jacket manufacturer.