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Rock Vest Jackets This Fall For A Cool, Confident and Effortless Look

For whatever reasons, vest jackets never really got the recognition that they truly deserve. (We blame the full-sleeve jackets). However this is not to say they are any less in the fashion scene. If anything, at times, they can be better than the traditional leather, varsity and suit jackets. Can you wear these full-sleeve outwear anytime- without feeling uncomfortable- other than winter? Though so! But the vest jackets, they are the charm of all season. Maybe this is why, this fall we’re seeing a comeback of these cool and swaggy outwear.

So, dear small businesses, dial top jacket manufacturers today and start bulking vest jackets before your competitors do.

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Different types of vests

There exist many different types of vests for men. And top jacket manufacturers offer plenty of custom varieties that make these wears perfect for every occasion and season.

  • There are suit vests. Worn over button down shirts (and even tees) they reek of class and are very formal.
  • Casual and very stylish, puffer vests are the most popular ones. Although highly preferred for winter, premier manufacturers are offering varieties that can be donned even in spring and autumn.
  • Tuxedo vests, much like suit vests, are classic and very formal. As the name suggests, they are popular to wear under the tuxedos.
  • Sweater vests are for winter. Exuding a perfect blend of class and style, worn over button down shirts, they are perfect for every formal and informal occasion.
  • Battle vest are mostly made of denim and very casual. But many suppliers also offer a range of custom varieties that are colorful and host cool logos and other graphics.

Vest jackets: 3 pro buying tips

  1. Pick a correct fit. While snug-fit is perfect for suit vests, with puffer vests, a moderate fit is a much better option. So be very considerate of the size. Ensure you are comfortable in them to pull a confident look.
  2. Consider when you’re going to wear them and then pick the type accordingly. For parties or casual wear, battle and puffer vests are great choices. For office or any formal setting, tuxedo and suit jackets are the way to go.
  3. Factor the fabric material and quality when buying. You can’t pull off even the best looking vest jackets if you are not comfortable in them. So ensure the base is soft and soothing and that it offers decent wicking and ventilation.

Consider all the available types, keep the above mentioned pointers in mind when buying and rock a perfect suit jacket this fall (and attract envy glances on your way to office or classes).

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