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Sports Jackets: A Fab Addition To Men’s Multitasking Wardrobe!

Suave men today are highly committed towards building a multitasking wardrobe that can take them from work to casual hangouts and lounging with friends till late in the night. Just like how a good pair of fitting denims will go with every kind of shirts and t-shirts in the closet, a well-tailored sports jacket can enhance the overall versatility. It is a piece of garment that works extra hard to make the entire ensemble come together, no matter the occasion or event.  An extremely wise addition to a wardrobe that works round-the-clock but men often get confused as to how to work it with every outfit that they wear. Keep scrolling for a handy styling guide to help lost souls find their way…

A Navy-blue Jacket for Semi-formal Appeal

Wholesale mens jackets in navy-blue are a must-have in every contemporary gent’s collection. The color is rich, sophisticated and complimentary to probably everything that hangs in the closet. Attaining that casual look is easy, but did you know that it can also be worn for casual Fridays at work? Keep the shirt and tie intact and replace the trousers or chinos with a pair of denims and team it up with the jacket. The look exudes seriousness with a hint of mischief! One can also choose for other neutral colors such as grey, brown and black.


Add Spunk to Everyday Casual Ensemble

Total comfort is leaving the house wearing that super soft tee, round or V-neck, and putting on those worn jeans! Men can continue wearing these extremely comfy and laid-back clothes and yet make a bold fashion statement by just putting on a sports jacket is maybe neutral hues or one featuring classy patterns and stripes. The entire informal outfit instantly gets injected with a refreshing look that is perfect for impressing a hot date! The buttons need to be open and the sleeves can be rolled up a bit for that extra punch!!

It is Always about Complimentary Colors!

The trick with sports jackets is that it should be in complimentary colors with the other pieces of clothing. One should never match the colors! The jackets are available in muted to bold hues and prints so that individuals of all ages and from all walks of life can effortlessly embrace the trend.

The final word for the sports jacket trend is that every guy will surely benefit from owning this outerwear. Guys preferring casual comfort will find it easy to pair this up and the same goes for men in suit. The unstructured blazer can be replaced with this jacket for great style and finesse. Time to stock up on bulk sports jackets because dapper men are all set to make the most of it!