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Styling Fleece Jackets In Keeping Up With Current Trends

Since when has wholesale polar fleece jackets been fun? Like many of the present crazes filtering through fashion, you perhaps wouldn’t have been seen dead sporting fleece until a few years back. Currently, it’s everywhere. Logically, it’s very cozy and works as a layering piece come winter. Oh, and it’s likely for it to look nice as well.

How to style fleece jacket?

Plump outerwear

With its tactile finish and voluminous proportions, fleece is possibly at its best when it’s a statement piece. The material is as expected a bit ostentatious, evocative as it is of fur or sheepskin, so embrace it. Go down the plump road with a chunky or somewhat padded fleece jacket and bid goodbye to the chill forever. Sport with just as vigorous staples like white trainers, a roll neck, and corduroy trousers and you’ll be onto a winner.


One of the simplest ways of sporting fleece is as part of a minimal appearance. Choose a jacket in an innocuous shade jacket and give it space to breathe by teaming it with basic pieces like navy chinos and a white t-shirt. Opt for an iconic zip-up pull over and allow the fleece material to work its magic in the chill.

Like a vest

When a full jacket is too much a fleece vest is a nice alternative. You’ll get all the fiber’s heat on your mid-section but with extra freedom of movement in the arms, imagine it as a livelier take on the down gilet, which can make you look like a hedge funder not at work.

Outsized layering

Outsized silhouettes are leading outerwear offerings at the present, and fleece jackets are no exception. Search for something collared, an overshirt, maybe and layer on top of a hoodie. You will receive all the warmth of a bigger coat yet no bulk, ideal for changing weather. For ultimate comfort opt for tapered joggers and a pair of runners down beneath.

Shade blocking

A fleece jacket is an amazing way of instilling a lively pop of hue into an appearance. There are different patterned examples available but our top-picks adopt a ski-inspired appearance with shade blocking. Search for fleece panels in contrasting colors, red and blue is a nice shout, and team with pale jeans or neutral chinos and converse for a simple off-duty appearance.

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