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Stylish Waterproof Jackets To Combat Rainy Day Blues

Thanks to the changing climate scenario, expecting rain even during summer months is quite common. A couple of rain storms every now and then is the order of the day and therefore, having a stylish, lightweight and waterproof coat to throw over on when it begins to rain is a lifesaver!

No, we are not talking about the traditional yellow rubber coats that probably your parents used to wear when they were young! Frankly, it would be better to get drenched than wearing one of those. Taking this thought into consideration, designers have started designed rain jackets wholesale that are not just functional and durable but trendy as well. The result being that now there are rain jackets available in bright and vibrant colors to combat the rainy day blues and they even come in cool superhero-themes and other such quirky details. Here is a list of some of the must-have jackets to stay protected when the sky suddenly feels like pouring down on you.

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The Classic Rain Jacket

These rain jackets feature a hard outer layer and an inner lining. The outer layer usually consists of waterproof nylon because well, the entire purpose is to stay protected from the rain. If the weather is chilly, then it would be better to go for a jacket that has an inner fleece lining whereas for warmer weather, mesh inner lining is preferred. Although these jackets come in various lengths, one that falls to the hip tends to enhance the style quotient.

The Stylish Trench Coat

The trench coat is one of the dressiest among all rainwear and it is usually made of cotton/polyester blend that makes it waterproof. These come down to the mid-thigh or to the top of the knee but do not have a good and hence, the wearer would be required to carry an umbrella. Tan being the popular color, they are also made available in other vibrant hues and tones.


Not fit for heavy rainstorms, windbreakers jacket wholesale are the ideal choice for a cloudy, overcast day with occasional showers. Windbreakers are a lot lighter than rain jackets and have an outer shell that is water-resistant to light drizzles. These can also be worn when engaging in canoeing, sailing or other such water activities as it protects the wearer from sprays and does not add any unnecessary weight.

It is always a good option for retailers to stock up on stylish rainwear for the contemporary fashion lovers. Chuck out those yellow rubber ones and replace it with eye-catching and trendsetting rain jackets and windbreakers from reputed manufacturers and wholesalers at wholesale prices on bulk buying.

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