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The 4 Popular Leather Jacket Looks of Famed Celebs

Classy, smooth, and practical, a leather jacket is such a piece that can look good on anyone and can complement any outfit, and when worn by popular celebs, they look even better. Whether it is X Men or Top Gun, time and again in different movies, they are thrown on by the dashing, masculine heroes, and the sexy ‘biker-chick’ heroines.

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If you want to look your best in a leather jacket then make sure to wear them in ways these famed celebs have worn:

The Hot Lieutenant

The list needs to be started with Maverick aka Tom Cruise sporting a conventional leather flight jacket in Top Gun. One of the best 80s movies, you might have watched it plenty of times already, but have you ever noticed the handsome lieutenants jacket here? Displaying rich fur on the collar and adorned with navy badges, they tell you the real meaning of a ‘flight jacket’. Styled with a white t-shirt and casual jeans, such a piece would look great.

Annistons Classy Style Game

Best known for her portrayal of the beautiful diva ‘Rachael Green’ in Friends, Jennifer Anniston was probably one of the first heroines to show how to wear a brown leather moto jacket with elegance. Even today, she can often be seen in leather jackets, displaying her love for the ever-stylish piece. In one of her recent outings, she was clicked wearing a gorgeous black leather moto jacket that had a cropped fit, zippered pockets, and zippered sleeves. This one leather version always looks appealing to the eyes, just like how Anniston does.

Irresistible Evans

Often considered the epitome of beauty by many, Chris Evans surely knows how to look simply irresistible in a leather jacket, (both on-screen and off-screen). Whether it is in his day-to-day streetwear looks or while seeing his heroics in Avengers, you will often find him killing it in a quality leather jacket. A leather jacket look that is voted by many of his female followers as the best is the one where he sports a smooth black leather bomber jacket. You can also be like your favorite Captain America by styling such a black piece with a matching black tee and denim jeans.

Ever-So-Attractive Kendell Jenner

When it is about the ultimate fashion wear, you can never leave famous model Kendell Jenner out. This lady looks stunning in whatever she wears and she is frequently seen sporting her love for on-trend looks. The oversized black leather jacket that she was seen sporting lately in simple makeup gave a certain vintage vibe that made her look even more breathtaking. It is easy to feature this look, as all you have to do is take your own black oversized leather jacket out of the wardrobe and partner it with jeans, a punk-inspired cropped top, and pitch-black leather boots.

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