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The Checklist for Buying Fleece Jacket

Winters may come and go; there are some winter wears that are here to stay. One such wear is the versatile fleece jacket. Whether it’s for a nice wintry evening out or a chilly morning drive to school or office, fleece jackets make an indispensable part of your winter wardrobe.

However, thanks to the increased production ratio of duplicates, you should always know how to choose the right fleece jacket.

And, it is to help you out with this that we’ve brought to you a few measures which are going to get you the perfect fleece jacket. Here you go—

Weight and Material

Fleece jackets are generally made of a combination of wool and polyester. Hence, their respective weights vary from mid-level to being very heavy. However, don’t worry if it’s quite heavy for you don’t need to put on heaps of clothing underneath your jacket.

Airy and Comfortable

Because fleece jackets sit snugly on your body, you must make sure it doesn’t make you feel claustrophobic at all. If it does, be rest assured, it’s of a poor quality or a duplicate one.

They are NOT Water Resistant

If someone has tried to make you buy a “great” quality fleece jacket by saying it’s water resistance, be sure it’s a gimmick. Fleece jackets are not at all water resistant. Yes, they may withstand light winter drizzle or snow fall, but they are not at all right to wear in moderate rainfall or snowfalls too. One reason for the same is that water resistance hinders breathability.

Wind Proof

Definitely they come with wind proof layers, otherwise, you may not even think of wearing them during the harshest of winters. However, if you’re buying those with much more wind proof layers than normal, then you may have to just compromise on the flexibility and also on the much needed breathability.

Padded Collars and Wrists

Padded collars and wrists are absolutely a must in fleece jackets. This is because cold winds and chills seep in the most through these areas, making you feel the biting chill of the season. So, arm yourself with a fleece jacket that has protective padding at the collars and wrists, and be comfortable and snug throughout the season. The best fleece jackets are those which come with these features and make the person absolutely confident of withstanding the weather.