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The Ever-Popular, Quality Varsity Jacket is Simply Irresistible for One and All

Letterman jackets, better known as varsity jackets, have become a wardrobe must-have for people over the years, all thanks to their insane popularity among celebs, be they models or actors.

When you are looking for a chicer alternative to denim jackets, nothing will come even close to the varsity style. You can wear it in different seasons. And, in case it feels too warm, you can always hang it on one shoulder to keep your body and your look cool.

The Varsity Style is Back With a Twist

Although varsity jackets have been popular ever since the 1950s, with the rise in the retro fashion of the 90s again, no wonder they are back with a bang. The wholesale varsity jackets brought by eminent manufacturers have undergone refreshing changes in their designs, arriving with a unique look with the base remaining the same. They bring back memories of Diana, Princess of Wales, MJ’s Thriller, etc.

When once they were found to be all heavy and bulky, they can now be seen with less weight, more structure, and a better color palette.

Often, cargo pants, cycling shorts, and jogger shorts are considered to be the best varsity partners. Combined with the letterman jacket, they can give an effortlessly stylish look.

Celebrities Who Made It Even More Popular

Taylor Swift, Chanel Iman, Drake, Post Malone, Gigi Hadid, etc have all made the varsity style famous both on and off the Red Carpet. Giving the liberty to style it both up and down, it is no longer staying on just the field but can be taken to different events and occasions. Celebs are often seen partnering it with shirts, evening dresses, and even in replacement of tuxedos!

With more and more fashion influencers and style icons showing their love for the varsity jacket, it can be said that this outerwear is here to stay for a long time.

Some Useful Varsity Fashion Tips

One of the dreamiest varsity jacket outfit ideas? It is a crisp white tee, cargo pants, and a cool varsity jacket. And, if you are not really into cargo pants, then ripped jeans are a good option.

Another name for varsity is versatility. While you can easily elevate an everyday look with the help of it, you can tone down a flashy evening look with its help as well.

Monochrome is always in style if you do not like colors. To make a plain and ordinary look extraordinary, all you have to do is add a black and white varsity jacket, sunglasses, and a baseball cap to it.

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