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The Kind of Jacket You Need for the Right Street Attitude!

If you are a street fashion person, then the current style trends are just the thing for you. However, if you really want to don the real deal and not be a street fashion pretender, then you need a good jacket to make the right kind of noise.


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And this is exactly where we come in – we are going to let you in on what kind of jackets will be good for you. Interested to find out? Let’s take a look –

Varsity jackets

The thing about wholesale varsity jackets is this – it brings the high-school cool back to you. And with all kinds of dressing trends revolving around athleisure right now, varsity has some great leverage too.

Plus, if you are a color and logo fan, then you can get it customized from your jacket retailer and put in your school or university logo for that extra bit of kick. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Leather jackets

Bad boys wear leather jackets
You have probably heard this phrase or something close to it for a couple of times now and leather jackets do measure up to their hype. In fact, if you are more of an environmental person, then you can even get yourself faux leather variants that are just as good.

The thing about these jackets that make it such a catch for street style fashionistas is because of its ‘in your face’ vibe, strong appearance, and great durability (which is part of street culture). So, if you want to don the fashion and earn the respect, then this is probably where you should be heading!


The whole Midwest rap movement had one staple dress code that almost everybody wore – and that is hoodies. These apparels were flexible in every sense of the term and brought a sense of fulfillment to rap culture.

In case you are a fan of wholesale hoodies, you too should get yourself the best you can get. These are utility apparels, but they too can have a dash of style, if you like. Getting your hoodie customized or buying a private label hoodie seems like more than a good option!

These are the 3 style of jackets you need in your collection, if you truly want to own the street style fashion sensibility. And it also adds plenty of diversity to your overall wardrobe, so that’s always a good thing.

So, what are you still waiting for? Get your collection out now!

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