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The Leather Jacket Types You Must Have In Your Wardrobe This Year

The material that offers such advantages and features that are not found in other materials is leather. It not only looks cool and happening but today, the wholesale leather jackets are also available in different types and styles. It is also considered one of the best fashion pieces. If you are thinking about investing in some great leather jackets soon, then listed below are the 5 most trending types to choose from.

The rough and edgy leather moto jacket

The Moto jacket is sometimes also referred to as the leather biker jacket. It is one of the most classic leather jacket styles, which you will often see worn by many heroes in many action web series. They are found in a wide range of styles and colors. The leather biker jackets are often crafted out of thick leather and this helps to resist rain and wind while riding a bike. They do their best to keep the wearer comfortable and warm. In addition, the thick leather used in its construction also protects the wearer from small injuries and bruises.

Streetwear popular distressed leather jacket

The distressed leather jacket is at present the most popular style, especially among the streetwear fashion trends. They are often found in smooth leather and in quilted varieties. The leather that is used in the making of this type of jacket is dyed in order to provide it with a rough and aged look. They have a certain iconic aesthetic and usually look the best in the color brown.

The cool leather racer jacket

The style that is basically made for and is most popular among the sports bike racers is a leather racer jacket. If you are a bike racer, especially a professional one, like someone who likes to participate in the tournaments, then leather racer jackets are meant for you, as the thin leather used in its making will allow you the most amount of freedom of motion. This type of jacket is often seen featuring stab-buttoned collars and zippers. Here the leather is dyed in different colors, also in color combinations to suit the wearer or his or her profession.

Flexible and warm leather field jacket

Made out of lightweight leather, usually displaying four front pockets to carry different survival tools and items is the military-style leather field jacket. This kind is just perfect for hiking or camping. The leather used in their construction is thin and it is large enough for the wearer to layer it with other clothing items. They are both flexible and warm.

Cool and casual leather trucker jackets

Crafted out of long-lasting and strong leather with shirt-style collars and front-button closures, the leather trucker jackets are most frequently made for men. They usually have two inside pockets and two outside pockets. These casual jackets work great with sports outfits and jeans.

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