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The Long Distressed Jean Jacket Fashion

Are you crazy about distressed jean jackets? Do you like styling them?

The long distressed jean jackets, especially, are perfectly capable of forming different styles, and wearing them is indeed fun. Whether you are someone who has never tried it before or are someone who’s looking for new and creative long distressed jean jacket outfit ideas, reading this blog would definitely be beneficial for you in the end!

Have a look at this list below:

Faded blue distressed jean jacket and a beige mini dress

Think about trying a long faded blue distressed tassel jean jacket with a beige mini dress. When you are going out with friends, you can dress it up and you are bound to attract some attention towards you. A suggestion would be to opt for some gold jewelry, like bracelets, anklets, and hoop earrings. As for footwear, black pointed-toe heels can make you look sexy. A reliable wholesale jean jackets supplier brings an enormous assemblage of fashionable, quality jean jackets!

Capri with a sleeveless dark blue, long distressed jean jacket

In the second one, there is a sleeveless dark blue, long distressed jean jacket, a white tank top, and a matching Capri. There is probably no woman in the world who would say ‘’I don’t like an outfit that accentuates my figure’’. This particular ensemble not only highlights all the curves but helps to stand out in the crowd as well.One way to form an ultra-chic look would be to club a sleeveless dark blue distressed jean jacket with a half-sleeve top and skinny white pants. Finish the look with transparent ankle-length boots.

Oversized long distressed jean jacket + red thigh-high boots

Trying it once, you will admit it too that there’s nothing like the combination of an oversized long distressed jean jacket and red thigh-high boots. It’s a surefire way to look hotter and more fashionable. It’s also best when you have plans for night clubbing. The pale blue color of the long distressed jean jacket perfectly balances the fiery red color of the thigh-high boots. It’s great for the summers. If you want then you can also go for this outfit on your next date.

…and the black leather pants

A jean jacket with leather is like a match made in heaven, particularly when it’s the black leather pants combined with a long blue jean jacket. This one is absolutely ideal for a girl’s night out. Layer a black sports bra or t-shirt to look your best and throw on blocked heels.

How about black jeans?

Ever thought about going for a baby-blue long distressed jean jacket with black jeans? Be it any season, you can go for it and it makes a cool and casual style. You can unbutton the long jean jacket or you can button it up, up to you.Putting on black ankle boots would be a great idea.

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