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The Millennial Girls Guide to Styling the Athleisure Favorite Tracksuits

Just when everybody thought that the athleisure trend has reached its peak, the fashion industry threw a curveball at the consumers in the form of reviving the popular 90’s tracksuit trend. The popular activity wear style staple is in full force and is not going to die down soon as people are increasingly embracing the apparel due to its comfort value, fashion aesthetics and the fact that it is very easy to style. Because of this there is an increasing demand for wholesale tracksuit as well that retailers can have a look at. Styling tracks is easy if you stick to create a stylish attire with the basic pieces.

Keep the outfit fitted

Let’s face it, girls love to wear their outfit comfy, but don’t get carried away because there are certain outfits which needs to be worn fitted and tracksuit is one of them. Make sure that you cut the sloppy look and wear something that will highlight your gorgeous assets.

Look for monochrome

When you’re coordinating the tracksuit, look for similar color pieces on the top as well as the bottom. In this way the outfit looks more stylish and put up and can be worn as an alternative to the everyday denim as well. Moreover, opt for pastel shades as it looks a lot cuter in the snowy winter days.

Play up with the textures

Show off your styling skills by pairing up different kind of textures for the outfit. It can be either spandex, leather or even shearling. Whatever it might be, make sure to wear season appropriate fabrics to feel comfortable too.

Dress up your outfit

The best way to styling a tracksuit outfit is to dress it up. You can do it by pairing a velvet track pant with a white crop top with a nude makeup and an over the top sneakers. If you wear a tracksuit for a night out with friends, think of hoop earrings and a bold make up look with cool Dutch braids.

Embrace the prints

Make an impact with your outfit by mixing motifs and prints. Undoubtedly, monochrome is the way to wear a tracksuit outfit but sometimes for the fun parties and the concerts over the weekends, cool animal prints and Aztec motifs works well.

Workwear friendly

Whoever said that the athleisure trend cannot be worn to the formal atmosphere, was quite wrong because if styled cleverly, the loungewear can make you look as serious like any other colleagues. You can wear a cropped trouser to the office with a blazer and all white sneaker and honestly you won’t change the strict dress codes if you subtly incorporate athleisure into workwear clothing.

Hence, try out the aforesaid tips for styling a tracksuit outfit as these are pretty much safe and the least experimental among the rest. Retailers can get in touch with manufacturers of wholesale jackets by dropping a mail to the customer care team and stating the MOQ of the required products.