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The Top Trends Of Varsity Jackets Taking The Market By Storm This Year

This winter you need to try out something new that will fit you well and will give you more masculine appeal, to cater to such a look, take a quick glance at the bulk varsity jackets in store for. These jackets offer plenty of pockets which will help you stash your stuff and the crisp fit will also help you build on the sharp look and put together, these jackets can be sported in a variety of situations and dress codes.


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Take a look at the trends in store for you:

Baby pink for the cute

If you want something a little subdued then take a look at these baby pink jackets which is subtle and looks very serene and soothing to the eyes. To make it look the way it is supposed to pair it with a white crown neck, and seal the look with denims. This will not only be the deal maker for you but get ready to get a date at the party the moment you walk in wearing this!

Shiny blue and neon

Looking for something funky and something that will look very bright on you, then you need to take a look at these shiny blue jackets which are very sporty and the yellow side stripes adds a very highlighted feel and accentuates the blue black drop. Wear these with joggers and a sneaker, which will give you a sharp look to play with.

Brick red jackets

Looks best when layered with a blank white tee, but wearing it with cool graphic tees and experimenting with the tonal shades will help you curate a funky look which you can easily sport to parties and gigs. If you can color contrast it properly and wear the perfect bottom wear piece like a slit jeans or a khaki pants, then it will look absolutely ravishing and tasty on you.

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