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The Ultimate Guide To Customize Your Varsity Jackets Wholesale Perfectly

Varsity jackets were once the foremost love of high-schoolers and college goers. Soon their craze spiralled out, charming everyone- young, adults, women and men. And today, letterman jackets are one of the most demanded in the global market. The only thing that has changed over the years is that consumers shifted their preferences from vintage varsity jackets to the custom varsity jackets.

Many top manufacturers nowadays offer wholesale letterman jackets with a very comprehensive customization option that every small business and bulk buyer should (and must) bank on. So if you are wondering how to customize your bulk perfectly, sit back; we’ve got you covered.

A step by step guide

    1. Who you are targetingFirst decide who you are going to target- male or female? Then go on to select the appropriate size. A good manufacturer will offer will offer custom and many standard sizes, from XS and X to 5XL and 6XL.
    2. Choosing the right material– Select the right material for the body and sleeve of your custom varsity jackets- satin, cotton fleece, leather, faux leather, or wool.
    3. Type of collars– Some standard types of collars (jacket styles) are stand-up collar, shirt collar, hoodie collar and zipper collar.
    4. Mixing with perfect shades– Right colour combinations is undoubtedly one of the biggest USPs of these jackets. You will get ample of choices of choose the colours of body, sleeves, buttons and pockets.
    5. Do you want trim line– This one is optional. You can have none to, at max of, 3 trim lines- found on collars and hemlines.
    6. Personalized texts and graphics– You can add your own custom texts and graphics- again, this depends on who you are trying to target. Although a good manufacturer will offer you thorough help, you have to be very careful about a range of thing. Make sure the colours of texts and graphics complements well the overall colour of your wholesale letterman jackets. Also be perceptive of their placements- on chest, sleeves, back, bottom; putting them on the wrong place can break the whole deal for you.


Following these 6 steps you can easily and perfectly customize your wholesale letterman jackets. But for that you need a good manufacturer who offers a quick and efficient personalization option in the first place.