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The Ultimate Varsity Jacket Varieties Guide

The most interesting thing about fashion is how a particular clothing item can go from a once-upon-a-time throwback piece to a trending must-have of this time. If you are a die-hard fan of teen K-dramas or movies, then you can identify the cool dudes of the school in an instant, a huge credit to what they mostly wear, a varsity jacket. And you know that you don’t really need floppy hair and a fully-grown beard to wear this jacket!

Once these jackets weren’t available in as many styles and designs as they are now, but the varsity jackets manufacturers, seeing the love for these uber-chic items, have brought unending variations today, which is helping a lot to quench the hunger of the varsity fashion enthusiasts!

If you are wondering how to throw on one, have always been nervous to sport one, then know this, it’s one of the easiest jacket styles to wear without putting much effort. In fact, donning it with basics is the simplest thing to do.

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Check out a few ultra-cool letterman varieties and some tips on how to wear them:

Contrasting Varsity Jacket

The iconic design of the varsity jacket is to have the sleeves in a different color than what you see on the body. It ranges from red and blue to beige and green. Whichever color contrast you go for, this jacket helps you to turn heads and you become a topic of discussion for all the good reasons. Think about partnering a contrasting varsity jacket with a basic tee, and black regular-fit jeans, and add high-tops to the mix to get a complete look.

Multi-Colored Varsity Jacket

If you aren’t afraid to experiment and have no issues sporting more than 2 colors in your varsity, you can really go crazy with this type. Club a multi-colored varsity jacket with a black or white tee, shorts, and sneakers to help the jacket steal the show.

Classic Varsity Jacket

In a classic varsity jacket, you will see that the body is made up of wool whereas the sleeves are crafted out of leather. Amongst the varsity jacket aficionados and college athletes, it’s still considered the staple. The aura of this kind is such that you can never ignore it. The patches on the jacket have increased from mere letters to cool artwork. Consider wearing one with a buttoned-up flannel shirt. Add classic blue jeans, and a pair of quality sneakers, and you will be all set.

Denim Varsity Jacket

Whether it’s the past or present, denim is quite the craze. And, if you mix the material with a varsity jacket, then the outcome is a visual treat. It is the casual and young and perfect outerwear to chill out with your babe or go on brunches with her on weekends. Style a denim varsity jacket with a white tee, blue jeans, and chunky white sneakers to get a relaxing outfit.

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