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Things That You Should Know About Safety Jackets

Workers who operate in various transportation zones or construction sites must wear safety jackets for enhanced protection. Safety jackets are made according to the recommendations made by the government officials of a particular country. These jackets should be made in a way so that they can perform the vital functions for which they are designed. They are often referred to as reflective jackets. These safety apparels are available in a wide range of styles.

Here is a brief look at the various important features of these jackets.

Important features of safety jackets

The jackets are designed in high visibility colors like yellow, orange and bright green. The reflective trim is made out of a retro-reflective material. Depending on the type of the jacket and the purpose for which it is being used, the reflective trim will vary in its width. The safety jackets that are currently available in the market can be classified into three distinct categories. Before you go ahead and buy your jacket from a safety jacket manufacturer and supplier, you need to be aware of the various purposes for which each of these categories of jackets is suitable. You should purchase your jacket based on the specific requirements of your job. The best thing to do is to opt for customized jackets that are perfectly built in keeping with your specific requirements.

Types of jackets

The first group or category of jackets is ideally suitable for parking service attendants, warehouse workers and shopping cart retrievers who work near the minor traffic areas or on loading docks as well as for those who work on driveways or sidewalks. The workers should choose the jackets that come with reflective material of 25mm or 1 inch width.

The second group or category of jackets is suited for workers like school crossing guards, railroad workers, airport ground crews and traffic police officers. The reflective aspects of these jackets are more easily visible as they come with a reflective trim not less than 35mm or 1.38 inches in width.The final category or group of jackets is known for delivering maximum visibility. This makes it possible for them to be visible even in poor weather conditions like snow, fog and rain. These jackets are particularly recommended for the high speed traffic areas. The reflective trim for these jackets should have a width of at least 50mm or 2 inches. These jackets also have sleeves that are equipped with reflective material. Mostly construction workers, utility workers and emergency responders wear these jackets.