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This Is How You Should Wear a Men’s Varsity Jacket

One of people’s favorite outerwear choices in Americas the stylish, cool varsity jacket. Right from teenagers to adults, it is highly appreciated and openly embraced by all. One of the most reputable jacket manufacturers in USA offers a massive collection of trendy wholesale varsity jackets that is available in different colors, patterns, and prints!

A little something on the varsity jacket

Also called the letterman jacket, a varsity jacket is classier than a track jacket and more outdoorsy than the bomber jacket. Conventional ones display leather sleeves, collarless, buttoned, and wool bodies, with two or more contrasting colors.

Tips to wear a varsity jacket

Wearing a varsity jacket in just the right way can be easy. All you need to do is follow these tips.

  • Varsity jackets in pastel shades for a refreshing look

This season, you can spot pastel shades almost everywhere. If you wish to combine two hot trends in one look then wear a letter jacket in dusty lavender or peachy pink shade. These light and soft tones add a touch of contemporary to your closet and make sure that the varsity jacket remains the main highlight of your look, without stealing the spotlight. Wear a neutral-toned t-shirt underneath the jacket and partner them with cool and casual distressed denim jeans.

  • The monochromatic approach for the beginner

If you are a beginner who is thinking or trying to explore the letter jacket trend then make sure NOT to start with a flashy red one. Go for the plain and simple white and black ones as they keep it low-profile and don’t drag every awkward stare to you.For the ultimate casual yet fashionable look, layer the white piece with a black or grey tee, add oversized light wash denim jeans, and go for the canvas shoes. Make sure that the varsity jacket is a slim-fit one.

  • The much formal button-down, tapered trousers, and brogues

Wear a neutral-toned or monochrome letter jacket over a crisp button-down shirt. Choose tapered trousers for the bottom wear and give yourself a casual yet classy look! To make the ensemble look even smarter, for the footwear, stick to a pair of classic brogues.

  • Denim and high-top trainers for the ultimate casual appearance

For that perfect humble yet elegant appearance, you can wear cream, white, or light grey varsity jackets with any shade of denim jeans you want. The shades mentioned here give a relaxed and soothing touch to the jackets and such attire works great during the day. Make sure to team it with high-top trainers in matching tones and you will have an outfit ready for an out-of-town trip, or drinks at the bar with friends.

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