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Top 3 Tips To Find The Best Rain Jacket

Once you start heading to the pre-fall season, waterproof raincoats should be part of your next wardrobe agenda. Although these are not as glamorous, but a wet-weather jacket is exactly the functional piece of clothing you will need to brave the rains.

One of the popular suppliers have designed a collection of bulk rain jackets that you can look through.

Therefore read on the blog below for more such outfit ideas.

Personal style

If you are planning to elevate your personal style then shorter, cropped styles are ideal especially if you are actively associated with workout like cycling, jogging, etc. For such activities you will definitely need form-fitting clothing that will help you move freely. When it comes to the ideal style, you can always choose from elongated and classic options which are similar to the trench coat style. Always look for the tailored instead of the cumbersome fits. These won’t exactly support your endeavor hustle and bustle. These are some of the smartest jackets that you can wear in bad weather owing to the timeless style and the amazing versatility.

Fabric built

Your rain jackets performance is mostly affected by the fabric built. You can choose between natural fibers which ranges from cotton or wool, or fully synthetic materials, although the modern variants are available in blended styles that are perfect for fashion conscious people. Jackets made with natural fibers are mostly treated with waterproofing substances. In some of the cases these are woven together tightly so that water does not penetrate the surface. When it comes to synthetic materials though, you can expect to find jackets designed with basic polyurethane or synthetic PVC rubber. These offer a high level of waterproof protection.

Consider the Construction

Remember that not all waterproof jackets are equal and some of the them possesses key features whilst others are great for showing off your aesthetic style. The first feature that you need to lookout for is taped seams. Sometimes the fabric can be 100 % waterproof but the seams are the place where water can seep in. Therefore look for jackets with seams taped on the inside as it will reduce the chances of you getting wet. Do you like the neat-collared look or prefer something which is disheveled. You can find sporty jackets that feature wrist gaiters as it helps to seal in warmth and prevent water from travelling up the sleeves.

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