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Treasuring Right Jackets Can Solve all Women’s Wardrobe Crisis

The secrets of treasuring the best coats and jackets have some simple and basic mantras. But gone are the age old concepts, of storing only winter jackets. Dressing in layers is definitely is smart, sexy and sensible. But to get the utmost boost from a jacket, wise selections are your real test. The age old concept of ‘jackets are for men’ or ‘save your jackets for the winter’ is trashed. In fact coats and jackets are invaluable assets in both men and women wardrobe. These are a go-garment during working weekdays or weekend fiestas.

Men’s coats and jackets cannot be, distantly related with ladies coats and jackets. While men have an absolute different taste in selection of coats from women, another crucial factor to be noted is, jacket collection vary from one individual to the other. The variation is due to dissimilar structure, complexion and other orientations.

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The basic 7 style theory for women

You can go boucle smart or dress with the trench overcoat; there are some eternal collections with online manufacturers. Utility jackets are another smart choice to mix match with the other fancier pieces. Denim jackets, should be another pick, women can’t miss. Nautical inspired blazers and Smoking tweed jackets looks great with everything you wish to experiment. The seventh jacket to hit your wardrobe must be the ‘motorcycle’ inspired jackets.

Fitted jackets for petites

Yes, structure does make a difference when you pick your jackets. Choosing single-breasted jackets is always wise as bulk clothing is a no-no for petites. V- Necklines will resolve your height problems and while only fitted jackets best goes to show they figure. Oversized are not at all for you girls.

These were some classic tips to distinctively to resolve the jacket selection mysteries. Don’t get mixed with men’ coats and jackets!

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