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Various Styles of Custom Hooded Sweatshirt : A Briefing

Custom hooded sweatshirts are a wardrobe staple for the fall and winter season. These are commonly used by athletes as well as by sports lovers as a trendy outfit. Along with track pants, these sweatshirts can be worn for casual coffee outings and drives as well. These sweatshirts are made of superior quality fabric intended to keep the wearer warm and comfortable even in extreme conditions. With the additional feature of a hood, these sweatshirts are able to cover the ears of the wearer giving added protection from the harsh winds.

The hood can be adjusted with the help of drawstrings that enables proper fit of the sweatshirt. These are often used by people for morning walk and jogging purpose especially in the windy weather where the hoodies can act as a means of protection. Also the hood being of proper fit due to the adjustable drawstrings, it doesn’t get unsettled while the person is running or jogging giving the extra comfort to the wearer. Generally these sweatshirts come in front full zip style that is easy to wear and carry. The general features of a sweatshirt are common to all but there are some additional features that can be thought upon as well.

Front Pockets

The sweatshirt can have two front pockets, also known as kangaroo pockets. These serve the dual purpose of keeping your hands warm in cold conditions besides being a pocket for keeping important items like mobile phone and wallet.

Color Combinations

The sweatshirt can be made in a single color or in two contrasting hues depending on the personal choice of the wearer. The hood and front pocket can be highlighted with a contrasting color. The company logo or team logo and name can be printed on the center front body. Opt for the right color combinations when choosing sweatshirts like red and black, green and yellow, blue and white, pink and purple, just to name a few. The sweatshirt has to be worn with a well coordinated track pant to complete the attire.

Elasticized Cuffs and Hem

This feature gives proper fit besides giving extra warmth since the ends of the garment snugly fit on to the body.

It’s always cheaper and better to buy bulk sweats as these come in better prices due to the larger volume without compromising on the quality of the sweatshirt.

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